Clear Colonial Arrogance: Not Acceptable In This 21st Century Racist Amb. Laurent Delahousse

The great and farsighted late Pan Africanist, Dr. Kwame Osagyefo Nkrumah did not daze the nefarious game plan of the slave masters and their grand design in vain when he uprightly exposed them in these few words that neocolonialism is the last stage of imperialism.

Even at that, the colonial mentality still deeply rooted and demonstrated through the plantation posture has been vividly channeled by segregationist with a nastily polluted mental-set-mind from the orbit of chronic disrespectful culture of bleak accommodation; thereby portraying racist and imperialist Ambassador  Laurent Delahousse a complete cancer on the image of international culture and diplomacy.

Certainly, racist and imperialist Ambassador Delahousse, a grimly born offspring of long time history-defeated slave masters with no regard for the black race and its profound achievements in the field of journalism, has become the scar-bearer who scolded the entire Liberian media with a blanket classification through the lenses of transferred aggression and guilt by association.

Moreover, we at the PATRROT, while we will not entertain anyone hooked on ethical transgression in any form, manner, shape or style, however, it was very preposterous that someone declared ambassador loaded with thorough human relations, would elect to indict the entire Liberia media without at least drawing the line or blowing the whistle directly on those involved in the alleged unethical fiasco, instead, you have branded Liberian journalists as CRAZY and blackmailing people for money.

We feel very uneasy about your sweeping image-wrecking statement proffered against the Liberian media personnel without distinction; this is a clear colonial arrogance which is absolutely unacceptable in this 21st century racist and imperialist Ambassador Laurent Delahousse- you must know and understanding that you went overboard without second thought; a colonial agent  of injustice with hands, by extension, stained perpetually with the generational blood and sweat of slaughtered Africans on their own lands years back, colonially annexed, yoked through massive exploitations, upon being milked (captured African Lands) to the skull for gains exclusively benefitting the  now condemned colonial concepts.

PARROT is bracing this unwarranted and demented attack from a twisted-minded and questionable embarrassment, without careful distinction, has chosen to malign and desecrate the entire Liberian media community as extortionists for a wrong committed not by all rather reportedly by specific individuals; group of individuals or institution(s); then why should the righteous suffer for the unrighteous? This is totally unfair and in the strongest term, rejected, no matter from whom and where it may originate.

To a larger level, a revolution that cannot be reversed has been set into motion by a so-called racist and imperialist masquerading as ambassador who is far too cognizant of the many contributions made by the Liberian media than for a one-sided policy championed by some racist and imperialist from the European Union who firmly backed the evil coverages imposed on Africa by western media institutions to the profound pleasure of Amb. Delahousse in this 21st century, what an irony!

 How reprehensible it is on your part, and  how dare you to indict the entire media outlets based on transferred aggression and guilt by association, and not being brave and bold enough to openly and directly call spade a spade-Be very careful with your self-styled motive and let this serve as a warning shot- if you’re wise, then be advised.

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