Chop Their “Stolen Millions” -And Reject Them At The Polls

“I would not vote for the mayor. It’s not just because he didn’t invite me to dinner, but because on my way into town from the airport there were such enormous potholes”, Fidel Castro philosophically postulated this syntax to illustrate the decay and debauchery of decadent Cuba before the Cuban revolution which he led. He uttered this to admonish fellow Cubans not to vote for corrupt, irresponsible, and failing Cuban politicians who were mostly hell-bent on advancing personal economic interests above the national interest and the overwhelming aspiration of the oppressed and impoverished Cuban people.

The same anomalies and excesses that Revolutionary Icon and Field Marshal General Castro rebuked and slammed in Cuba are currently obtaining in Liberia under the roguish, insensitive, irresponsible, incompetent and abrasive rulership of Ex-soccer Star cum President George Manneh Weah. Weah and his gang of wild looters have been in power for almost three years and over such a short period have callously inflicted so much pain on Liberian people while the country retrogresses on a perilous course.

George Weah ran on the much-trumpeted mantra of “Change” promising to depart from the perennial rotten tendencies Liberia has been subjected to since its inception and to usher in a fresh epoch where the emphasis will essentially be placed on the depressed poor Liberians, the state will be politically stable and harmonious with blossoming unity—wherein all Liberians irrespective of ideological differences, tribe, religion, sex, political leanings would once more find fate in the country they call home and be treated with due respect and equality in every respect. Weah even proudly postulated that his ascent to the coveted Liberian Presidency potentially meant the century-plus struggle of Liberian people was over suggesting new dawn has emerged and the despicable and disconcerting narrative of the nation was poised to change from bad to good.

But quite contrary to what many Liberians including thousands of Weah’s supporters’ term as his “deceptive change mantra”, Liberia under George Weah has gotten worse in every aspect of life. It is a hopeless and perilous country consumed by looming uncertainty. Daily grinding, hustling, and bustling is the fate of the majority. It is a country in which its citizens can hardly find fate. The already sprawling peasant poor has sadly been immersed into much deeper deprivation, dehumanization, subjugation, and misery. It is an irrefutable fact that chronic graft and thievery have ballooned and normalized within the Weah government. It is also a known fact that education and healthcare under Weah’s kleptocracy and neocracy have degenerated to an untold proportion. It is also a public knowledge that under Weah Liberia’s international image is fast dwindling coupled with the fact that he has not received an invitation from Washington D.C., United States of America, Liberia’s oldest and biggest ally. The subliminal message anyone can draw from such unprecedented snubbing by the Americans is that they are not pleased with the indisputable and ridiculously condescending manner in which Weah is conducting the affairs of the country. It is also an irrefutable fact that Weah’s popularity has markedly and colossally diminished principally because he is dreadfully misruling the country much to the dissatisfaction of the very people on whose back he stunningly rose to power.

On the heels of all of these come two essential and decisive elections, the senatorial mid-term election expected to take place on the 8th of December 2020 and the much-anticipated Presidential election of 2023. As expected, the senatorial election is already stimulating the country with all sides feeling the heat of what is expected to be a fierce and bruising political contestation between the Weah ruling clique and the opposition under the banner of the Collaborating Political Parties or CPP. Political pundits and commentators are pontificating that the impending December 8th senatorial election could arguably be construed as an instructive referendum conducted on Weah’s governing of Liberia. December 8th many posit will unravel the glaring reality regarding where Liberians stand on the Weah’s leadership. Are they pleased with his leadership or conversely unhappy? They will either express their indignation or delight about governance under Weah through the ballot box and from the outcome thereof, the world will now know what manner of President Weah is and the state of governance obtaining in Liberia. From all indications, the stakes are high and it presents a herculean challenge for Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for obvious reasons. As mentioned above, governance under Weah is appalling. The people are hungry and dying from starvation and minor illnesses daily while Weah and his kingdom of thieves dance in overnight riches. The masses are frustrated and angry and seem shovel ready to vent their anger against Weah and the CDC candidates at the Ballot box on the fateful day of December 8th and if governance remains on such horrible course they will replicate the same venom in the 2023 presidential election to have crooked, greedy, roguish, unforgiving and narcissist George Weah voted out. Such a reaction from the people is obvious and justified. They are simply responding to the structural imbalances in the country fashioned against them by the very government and its agents.

I encourage fellow Liberians to unconditionally reject all CDC candidates as a resounding protest to Weah hawkish misrule of the country. A massive rejection of CDC candidates at the polls will send a clear and plain message to George Weah and his corrupt gang of avowed apologists that Liberians are not an idiotic group of people who will incentivize a corrupt, reckless, lawless and dishonorable ruling clique with white roses and good graces after misruling their homeland. That Liberians cannot be kind to a ruling party that is unkind and savage to the mass of the people. And that Liberians cannot be gracious to a President who is mostly concerned about building overnight condominiums, purchasing exotic fleets of bulletproof vehicles, flying in private jets and basking in grandeur and opulence while the citizens of the country unbearably grapple with unbridling hunger and extreme economic difficulties.

Today, we see the CDC desperately parading its presumptive Montserrado County candidate in Representative Thomas Fallah all across the county and dishing out millions of dollars to communities and is set to dish out more millions as we pace closer to December 8th. The question that keeps lingering on the minds of Liberians is; when did CDC become a millionaire political party of a rich party? And when did the CDC begin influencing votes with millions of dollars? The answer is simple. The very day the CDC grabbed political power, it metamorphosed from a “poor people party” to a rich party. The mentality of the party automatically shifted from uplifting the people from the perennial plague of socioeconomic decadence to amassing wealth for George Weah and his band of marauding buzzards at the helm.

But even more stunning yet revealing is the fact that CDC formerly a massive party is spending millions to woo votes contrary to the CDC that we knew to be the magnet and the mosaic of Liberians from the broad spectrum of the country. Before 2017, we saw Liberians gravitating to the CDC as the Party presented itself as a genuine option and represented the overwhelming aspiration of Liberian people with George Weah heralded and adored as the ‘Unblemished Angel’ who loves his country more than the others who were aiming for the presidency. However, with almost three years in power, the CDC has been unmasked by its dealings as not a genuine political option that represents the aspiration of Liberians but rather a gang of political hustlers and predatory parasites who were desperately clamoring for political power merely to amass ill-gotten wealth for a few in the power ranks and plunge the rest in the pit of perpetual misery. The CDC does not present any better cognition than the colossal looting of state resources and the brazen avidity for overnight riches which we see flaunted in the faces of Liberians.

Consequently, I call on fellow Liberians to take the millions of dollars being dished out by the corrupt ruling CDC and reject its candidates at the polls. George Weah is a failing and lawless President who doesn’t deserve to win more powers when in fact he is not worthy of the one he currently possesses. His government is a sadist menace foisted on the nation and must be rested and toppled by way of the ballot box. They do not have the equanimity and wherewithal to effectively and efficiently govern the country. The Liberian people must chop their looted millions and reject them at the ballot box on December 8th. Enough said!

Writes Cde. Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh


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