Charity Begins At Home -If The Home Doesn’t Sell You; The Street Cannot Buy You

Governance for Liberian leaders has always been a very hard, mean, rough and tough bitter pill to swallow that symbolizes a slippery uphill fray to climb so smoothly, because of their inabilities to switch off the burning egotistic greed and the very tempting goodies, which can be amassed by ignoring the practical will-power, and fertilizing the compelling booming of accumulating ill-gotten wealth; absolute abuse of the constitution against the supreme interest of the people and the pride and respect for the country and its image, had made the so-called leaders to consistently plunder and pillage  the entire resources at will, convincingly believing that the people owe them an apology if they do not trek down that infamous route.

Now, here is the paradoxical tale of a politically badly mismanaged nation, and while on your current rebranding spree, lest you forget that you are leaving behind a leadership-made-filthy country; and sending out filthy home wheelers to embark on whitewashing foreign streets; openly and very much clearly reads out the self-indictment of a regime too inept politically, to deliver the most needed political goods and services to, and for those whose mandate empowered you to govern on a contractual basis: that you occupy the highest in the land, and in return, you provide the most needed political goods and services for them and the wellbeing of the state; and this is where you as the leadership has miserably failed the state and let the people down completely as you bore the plane to seek for image re-branders we did not vote for to see us through.

Hence, out of panic attack, mandating your team of salesmen comprised the questionable home wheelers to a land very vast and strict on the rule of law; uncompromising in defending, craving and providing the most needed services coupled with the wants of its people, and upholding the tenets of good governance without sidestepping the latter, just to scratch a little on the surface; not only amount to the leadership shooting itself in the leg, but a glaring proven evident of such leadership’s failure to cope with the challenges of the highest office, and the incompetence to deliver to the people what is justly enshrined in the contractual agreements between the governed and the governors, plus campaign promises proffered; yet you’re out there to hire lobbyists to rebrand your image inhumanely damaged by your own leadership, is also a vividly clear posture of indictment  of your administration  based on disservice of your vey leadership to the people and country you claimed to love and have so much at heart.

What has Weah-led Pro-Poor regime done so wrongly, and to whom, that it must hire foreign-based-lobbyist to clean-up its embarrassed image under the rubric of rebranding? When did the Weah-led administration know that his leadership was proceeding from bad to worse and who were those, such leadership is denying all basic rights and opportunities? How impressive has his (Weah’s) governance and by extension leadership’s credential is?  Can the lobbyist cry much more than the very disappointed and grossly saddened bereaved (citizens) who are currently enduring the greatest agony, frustration and denial of national provisions and services they ought to get, without being regimented in long queue as beggars, and for some things that will not be forthcoming? Who can make the greatest impact and genuine difference in adding plus to the domestic credibility, the people or the foreign-based lobbyist?

Does Weah, with his henchmen know why things are unfolding as they are, and who can best change the corner on the home front positively? Is it Weah himself or his foreign lobbyist? Has Weah’s leadership completely forgotten that charity begins at home; and if the home doers not sell you, the street cannot buy you? .Does he not know that it was the very home that mandated him to become President; and is it not wise enough to take a deep and sober look inside himself and see what’s going on and very wrong regarding his leadership and the people? Let it be told to him (Weah) that he who fails to prepare; prepares to fail.

Is hired Bakari a magician with his all-powerfully unstoppable charm to turn anything intentionally made bad to pretty decent glad tiding as being the present Liberia’s image under President Weah’s leadership? Does “Mr. Fix It” know what he has got himself into, apart from working for his millions, quite frankly, most needed to bring useful relief at home, instead of just craving on bended knees in an attempt to sway the US Government’s radical policy towards this struggling regime based on its own insincerity, dishonesty, and not-people-oriented-policy, create the darkest night into a marvelous sunny day?

How would he rate his rebranding crusade of the Weah’s government to the American Government through the based-media while the deplorable, horrifying, imposed abject poverty on the people are in no way of fading away anytime soon, coupled with tons of bad governance, absolute incompetence, disturbing impunity exclusively and time without number for cronies, belly-driven-sycophants, glee club chanters and the hopelessly handicapped blind loyalists; in the gigantic pool of entrenched corruption as the system’s renowned password all jogging for first place; are no longer at ease in embracing some level of reform for the better? Convincing the US policymakers that things will soon get better and will rapidly change, the house will be in good shape unlike the previous prevailing bad shape; besides the very presence of the US Embassy on the grounds and equipped with all the information and evident about unfolding happenings and developments.

Above all beautifully sold image of this struggling leadership to govern according to required set rules as enshrined in the constitution, the appearances, livelihoods and status of the citizens barracked on the political playing field, completely stranded and flatfooted in their own economy, while consistently and persistently wearing the spectators’ tag, will surely speak to the unchangeable and existing hard facts of reality piercing them daily, besides employing all the democratic options including countless protestations throughout the country intermittently, to draw government’s attention to their imposed unbearable plights, yet all have ended like wasting water on duck’s back.

According to a local daily Barika has been appointed to arrange high-level interactions with the United States of America government and build a “positive and correct image” of the George Weah-led government among the US policymakers, Fox News reported.

“I will be developing and executing a U.S. media and press engagement strategy for the Republic, President Weah, and key officials to raise Liberia’s profile in U.S. media and bring positive attention to the Republic with American and African American audiences”, Barika Seller wrote.

President Weah seems to be finding it difficult to build solid relationship with the United States government since assuming the presidency nearly four years ago.

The regime of Weah’s predecessor Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf saw visitations by high-profile US government officials, including then-sitting President George W. Bush, Secretary State Hilary Clinton, former first lady, Michelle Obama and others.

Lastly, Weah must always keep at the back of his mind that the only political constituent he has got is the people who made him President and all he needs is to live-up to the tenets of the good governance system, and shy completely away from entrenched cronyism and the alarming wave of unstoppable corruption, desist from battering the rule of law including the due process  without fear or favor; because it is where charity begins; and when those decent things mentioned above are honestly adhered to, and adequately done, then you can rest assure that if the home does not sell you, obviously, the street cannot buy you, no matter how much the world and detractors may hustle to get you down.-

A Hint!

-Writes GDJ



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