Chapeau and Farewell to Comrade Veteran Progressive Oscar J. Quiah— A Tribute

“I respect a few of the progressive brothers. They are truly men of conscience, honor, dignity, pride, and self-esteem. Their words are their deeds. They don’t say something in the day and do something else at night. These few that are I am referencing here do not condemn Charles Taylor in the day and come crawling to me during the late-night hours to beg for bread. All that the demand of me is to govern Liberia well and lift the impoverished Liberian masses out of the doldrums of poverty. True Patriots, I call them. OSCAR J. QUIAH is one of the few progressive brothers and devoted Patriots who I can doff my hat to in honor of his selfless advocacy, love for the county, and the distinguished and ethical manner in which he equates himself.”, former President Charles Ghankay Taylor.

As faith and fate would dictate, this morning our hearts are rattled by news indicating that veteran progressive, erudite Idealogue, adorned redemption soldier, daring patriots, and dialectical machine Comrade Commandante Oscar J. Quiah has transitioned to mountaintop, from mortality to immortality, to dwell in the blissful and grandeur Bosom of the Almighty Deity. Comrade Quiah departs these earthly shores as a decorated freedom fighter, daring warrior, and social justice bulwark whose struggle for Rights and Rice brought democracy to the domicile of his homeland Liberia. As one of the hallowed pioneers of Liberia’s striving democracy, Veteran Progressive Quiah will be missed but the shining memories of his fearless struggle to crushed down a century-plus repressive, sadistic, bigoted, and rogue Hegemony shall remain fresh on our minds. The One People Revolutionary Movement (OPRM) extends condolences and prayers to his family. May the Almighty Deity Console them during these dark and devastating hours.

Revolutionary philosophy believes that revolutionaries do not die, revolutionaries journey on to another place to continue the struggle upon the orders of the Supreme Deity. Veteran Comrade and Idealogue Oscar J. Quiah has simply journeyed on to marshall the struggle for human dignity at another destination. The Phantom of Liberian progressive and revolutionaries offer Golden salute, say Chapeau, and declare peace upon Comrade Leader Oscar J. Quiah.

May the struggle continue, as it is not Uhuru yet!

Writes Robert Moncio Kpadeh(Sage)

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