Chairman Morlu Caught In Crossfire -As He Runs Away; Turns Too Fragile To Face Spoon-Talk-Lethal-Weapon- Charged Conversation In USA

Caught in a crossfire of a harbored fear of being nailed when the government comes under thorough scrutiny, and also being mindful that such nerve-wrecking questions are bound to be advanced, that must lead to criticizing the government, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), National Chairman Mulbah Morlu, despite promising and assuring to be on the Spoon Talk Show, abruptly changed gear and rewarded the US-based staff members with a check of pathetic disappointment at the eleventh hour.

Chairman Morlu, currently touring several parts of the United States laying the ground works for the mighty CDC’s pending convention, is a controversial individual with many characters, of which one of such characters landed the Standard Bearer and President George M. Weah  on the public radar involving most of his political dirty linen coupled with reported immoral activities.

Despite the assurance to the news outlet of his presence on the platform, observers noted that Chairman Morlu was too aware of spilling the beans predicated on some hypothetical questions that might be posed to him, and to avoid raising lion for himself as evident of his past action, he elected to run away in silence.

Quite frankly, the internationally-based and locally-relayed Spoon Talk Show sincerely advanced on its platform, the texture of the conversation (questions) that the run-away Chairman would be confronted with; beginning with his current rapport with the most influential gurus of the CDC; will he still on as Chairman to pilot the party through 2023; does he continue to enjoy the trust and confidence of the heavyweights of the party; what is the fate of the vocational institute started by the ruling party for partisans, and was under construction at the party’s headquarters; what is the cause of its delay or perpetual stalling; why has it been abandoned since it started long time ago before many of the fabulous  mansions,  villas, duplexes and gigantic structures in various compounds built and owned by top government officials,  most of whom are staunch and high profile CDC’s partisans; has Morlu fallen out of favor and no longer viewed significant to the party?

Also, more lethal questions include the evaluation of the performance of the entire government in four years; is he cognizant about the plights of the citizens and are they truly the custodians of their own economy as was declared by him (Morlu’s) Standard Bearer; why is the Liberianization Policy in a pitiful coma; and what are the causes and effects of its inaction while aliens gloat over the merits and benefits; assessment on the governance system; is it very pleasing to the leadership the manner, form and style in which the state and people are proceeding; why is the economy in such a bad shape and poorly performing including the inability of the regime to attract new wave of investors into the country; are the three branches of government actually functioning independently (despite the observance of the doctrine of separation); does the President harbor fear to shake the political table (reshuffle); what is the political future of the CDC; what had been his (Morlu’s)  political achievement, failure and challenges; why he did not resign as he stated,   if Abraham Dillon had won the Monsterrado County’s Senatorial seat of which Dillon did do; and last, but not least, focus on the content of the controversial leaked tape of which not denying, but he dubbed it as being drunk when such startling revelation was unleashed.

Realizing the aftermath posture to confront him, had the Chairman honored the request to address these chain of questions propelled by truism, Morlu, inspite of the promise made to show up, chose to run away from the platform slated for Saturday, August 14, 2021 than to spill more beans, open a Pandora Box and by extension, open another can of worms, observed pundits.

This irritated the staff members who had for a week, kept its local and international listeners and viewers posted did not take the miserable disappointment lightly, but through its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) blacklisted the run-away CDC’s National Chairman Mulbah Morlu to not appear on the platform anymore for the storm he caused to the repetition and credibility of the news outlet.

-Writes GDJ

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