Cde. Robert Moncio Kpadeh Explains OPRM’s Philosophy; Blasts Weah over Poor Governance

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

Tuesday, October 6, 2020: The leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement, Comrade Robert Moncio Wilmot Decontee Yeani Kpadeh on Monday, October 5, 2020, speaking on the OPRM Hour about the philosophy and ideological inking of his institution, stated the movement was established by legions of revolutionaries and patriots; people who believe in their country; people who believe in political governance; people who want to see change, especially radical change not specifically change by the way of the guns. He noted that it is a change that comes by the way of the people’s consciousness.

Comrade Kpadeh told Liberians on the OPRM Hour that the One People Revolutionary Movement is a social democratic institution with a philosophy that puts an emphasis on the people, the rights of the people, equality of all the people and economic egalitarianism. According to Cde Kpadeh, the way to effectuate change in Liberia is to build the consciousness of the people first and all other will follow thereunto.

“We believe, the way to effectuate change is to build the consciousness of the people. A society that is very conscious-minded, a society where its people are enlightened, and a society where the people are progressive in their thoughts, that society is bound to be a forward-moving. But in order for the people to be progressive in their thought, the people must be informed and enlightened as to their history, as to their governance system, as to their culture and the entire ecosystem of their country”, Cde. Kpadeh asserted.

The leader of OPRM decried the foundation upon which Liberia was established that excluded large segment of the population of the country by the descendant of freed black slaves from the Americas.

“We established a country not to serve the generality of our people but rather, the country was established on account of bigotry. The country was stratified and the country was established to serve or privilege a few over the many”, Cde. Kpadeh noted.

Cde. Robert Mancio Kpadeh told the OPRM Hour that Liberia was never established on an all-inclusive foundation but rather on an exclusionary footing. He further said when the country was established, it was then presided over by few Americo-Liberians who drove the indigenous people in the hinterland and other dejected areas, shared the wealth of the country among themselves for about 133 years of their hegemonic dynastic.

Kpadeh also condemned the Americo-Liberian class for what is considered in dialectic as class arrogance which saw the indigenous people marginalised, suppressed and subjugated to nothingness and threw in the forest with animals like lesser human beings, denied education and the opportunity to participate in the political governance of the country.

Moreover, Mr Robert Kpadeh noted that the OPRM was also established to bring governments’ feet to the fire and implant a governing system that is of a radical shift from the current system we have.

“We are a country that is 173-year-old. When you measure that in terms of our education system, our healthcare system and development, you realised that we are in an appalling state. Our country is ravaged. Our country has been failed by political leaders. Our country cannot measure up in terms of infrastructure development with countries that are far younger than us. We are 173-year-old and the oldest African Republic in the comity of African nations, but we have nothing to show for all those years”, Cde lamented.

Meanwhile, Mr Kpadeh has classified the government of President Weah has as a government marked by incompetent public officials who have no clue when it comes to political governance. He noted that President Weah and his public officials are thriving in thievery and are living in opulence while the bulk of the people sleep in hunger. According to him, when a society is angry and the people continue to be subjugated to poverty, they will obviously react one day against the government.

Mr Kpadeh has further warned the government of President Weah to place premier on governance and ensure there is probity in government in order to deal with the instability that looms over our country. He said a government that is decent and respecter of the law will not treat our people in such a manner and fashion Weah’s government does.


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