CDC’s Unholy Alliance -As The Nucleus Crumbles; So True; Things Are Bound To Fall Apart; The Existing Hard Facts Of Reality, Now Piercing The Alliance’s Cohesiveness

Rough accommodation of persistent marginalization, gnashing of teeth in absolute regret, political respectability completely trampled underfoot;  abandoned on a swampy isolated island of political quagmire, indeed, the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) fetes components of its so-called unholy alliance with scorn and dejection in the chemistry of the  political equation of genuine inclusion fully attended by equity.

The components- the renowned National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberia People’s Democratic Party (LPDP) coming in strong from the political cold, added to the CDC unholy alliance, believing to stand tall on the shoulders of the CDC to enable them reap some benefits from the democratically capturing of state power and the relevant cake through the fashion of sharing, but unfortunately, the CDC, tailored on the path of self-centeredness, refused to pass the ‘political ball’ to the additional two components in the spirit of the alliance thereby leaving them to sink far deeper in the political quicksand; besides a teaspoonful of incorporation of the NPP’s heavyweight as the number two person in the government in spite of all the odds directly being confronted, and not being considered with welcoming open arms, continues to find herself-Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor wailing in the political wilderness of unfair treatments meted out against her in person, and her members in particular; while the political leader of the LPDP, Mr. J. Alex Tyler keeps crying of not also being accommodated including his team as bona-fide component of the alliance, now dubbed the unholy alliance.

With the imposing heavily descending crunch of ex-communicated posture gravely weighing on the political outcasts  make no mistake, and don’t be carried away from what appears to be like an eddoes soup, while the surface appears crystal and calm, don’t ever venture to dip the spoon deep under the eddoes soup and  deposite it at once in your mouth, because that’s when you get the shock of your life wherein, the fire truck will be forced to intervene on an emergency basis, but by then, the terrifying damage is being done.

However, oh…what the political weeping and wailing, didn’t you know as components of the unholy alliance that your fate was written on the gray sealed wall of discrimination and segregation, and now you are craving for political attention and inclusion, when in fact, your weeping with the wailing and craving for attention and inclusion is too late because you chose the wrong time of the political colander year to travel down that route of internal rejection and uprightly practiced unaccommodating posture. Siting very sadly in a dungeon of complete political frustration; did you thoroughly calculate and evaluate your political relevance as components of alliance to a political cartel loaded with in-built clique, internally organized cronies, hand-on loyalists of all grades with head seriously buried in the mud of winner takes it all for its immediate members, supporters including praise-singers, wholly, solely and opposed to the  acceptability of incorporating elements outside of their political circumference.

Don’t also be fooled into thinking that the scourge eroding the fabrics of political cohesiveness exists only within the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), the CDC has been embroiled in deeper imposed political isolation of components of its formed alliance, and the stern implementation of the divide-and-rule method mainly against the NPP wherein it (CDC) was practically stuck in a fray to delegitimize the NPP’s standard bearer of the NPP Jewel in favor of current Maryland County’s Senator James Biney; a political tussle that drilled a wedge in the middle of the former leading political party (NPP) with all efforts applied to promote grave division by cherry-picking Senator Biney to head the party over current Vice President Taylor. Despite the long haul, while Vice President Taylor a beneficiary of the unholy alliance with such high political portfolio, as many of her qualified and competent members are exclusively left in the political cold; while staunch members of the LPDP (a component of the alliance added to CDC and NPP) are frozen from being incorporated in the unholy alliance, have been raising their voices the loudest to be considered relevant partner in the alliance and provided with the fruits of political inclusion and not being kept perpetually on the passive back-burner; has been brewing rage and uneasiness within the unholy alliance.

Grotesquely, it is not in the interest of  the ruling establishment to pretend to be enjoying the heat and tension that overwhelmed the troubled-CPP, instead, CDC’s unholy alliance must not take any form, fashion and pleasure in the unfolding political hiccup in that Collaborating group because when the rainfalls, it does not fall on one person’s house, even if your house contains a concrete roof top, think about the attack from  erosion against the landscape-in short, the CDC has a very grim political obstacle from within its own unholy alliance due to the composition of its current chemistry driving the equation of the unholy alliance. It’s an open secret that 2023 is parked with so many retaliatory measures geared toward changing this, and changing that; yet, the CDC has its full blown share of the internal political blazing-fire- crisis that must be swiftly addressed, and besides being the ruling power, and can pretend to keep all the rough and roaring waters politely under the bridge for now, lest you forget, soon and very soon, the bank will bust and the friction and pressure will flare up so desperately as evident by the handwriting on the wall, beginning with the political fate of NPP’s representative, the Vice President, considering the several drawbacks inflicted on her operations and movements by the forerunner and arch-henchmen of the unholy alliance, can definitely speak volume.

With all practically active political actors, be you with the pro or con camp, determined to deliver something very uniquely; either to make the incumbent a one term President as being widely and openly declared due to the incumbent’s sluggishness to govern credibly, failure to listen to the  cries of the people  in a meaningful way coupled with gross incompetence and greed  for wealth and other damning questionable desires (as was openly proclaimed in a news conference held some time ago by CDC’s Chairman Mulbah Morlu) and also his inability to providing the most needed leadership imbued with dignity, respect,  elevating or containing to a reasonable level of the problems of education, health, security and employment as well as ensuring the availability of goods and services through the viability of a  progressively responsive economy and being a dependable custodian of upholding the constitution and all binding laws in the country, with full commitment to the doctrine of the separation of powers in the governance system of the three branches.

Equally, with the thorough bragging  and boasting of the incumbent, gloating over anti-competitors and political archrivals that his administration has accumulated and achieved a lot more including development, in a short period of time than all other administrations put together in the country since 1847; and during the much talked about 2023, he will not only succeed himself for the second time, but will beat them at the ballot box like baby; presents 2023 as the defining moment-either the nation gets a new leadership  or the incumbent is re-elected. But in whatsoever manner or fashion the internal rift within the unholy alliance is now bubbling, and if not attended to sooner than later, will reach the very irreversible boiling point; and then, the nucleus crumbles; so true; things are bound to fall apart; the existing hard facts of reality become too glaring, and then soon start piercing the unholy alliance’s cohesiveness which will be so vividly on public display with or without no lesion to learn.

-Writes GDJ

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