CDC’s Tomorrow Is Today? -The Showcase Of Power Without Compassion; Indeed The Choice Is Ours

With the unbending and ever determined combined forces from the opposition bloc to ensure that the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) is declared a one-term administration, and despite the incumbent’s fortitude to hang in there and for another term after its first Constitutional sanctioned mandate as a result of the victory obtained from the 2017 elections;  a massive political dose of malady is rapidly eroding public trust, confidence and hope to  change things around for the betterment of all inclusively, is far too dwindling.


The opposition community, taking no political chances with the incumbent and marking every suspected wrong moves of the incumbent with legal correction fluid to the extent of placing the December 8, 2020 senatorial by-election on pause by the Supreme Court until the National Elections Commission (NEC) can clean up certain alleged contamination that has plagued the Voter Registration Update based on request from the opposition camp; sizeable segment of those who openly, joyously and freely voted the CDC to gain state’s power; believing that down the line, good governance, respect for the rule of law; a radicalized taboo for corruption would be fearlessly and uncompromisingly unleashed; the systematic stamping out of every anti-good governance debacle in the embodiment of upright political weakness; appeasement; cronyism; nepotism; including the woes that abort integrity and suffocate greed, just to name a few, would be rolled away by unhindered justice like mighty river while the true love for country and people without selection or discrimination flow in ever vein like a great steam.


No, after three years of leadership provided by those jubilantly voted for with the understanding of managing their expectations, have found their hope dashed like hot broken fruit cake and with where to turn to are now banging on the impending December 8, 2020 senatorial by-election to send a message which no one quite frankly knows, but one thing is certainly heard from them time after time that if they knew then, what they have known now, the narrative would not have been as being seen around here in the first place. However, besides getting the heat off their chest, with the dollars breaking fresh grounds; as the food (seasonal political handouts) showcases the political power without compassion by the ruling establishment in times like these when the gaping rate is made so mean, rough and tough by prevailing circumstances and to a larger degree, most of those catching hell to raise their noises above the water of survivability, would definitely fall without second thought for the carefully and strategically unleashed political sell-your-constitutional-trump-card as  visa to catch a bite scenario.


More than that, there are those with tough conviction that the CDC’s tomorrow is today since they have had the golden opportunities to progressively enhance and direct the paradigm  change instead  they allowed so many  confusing and sometime  conflicting things to overload their space of leadership which without hesitation has openly eclipsed their vision,  courage, innovation and credibility; something which has squeezed it into a tight-throat corner from where the whole world is beginning to wonder and ask amazing questions like why is it that way; and could it not sway from such path of excessive tensions wherein most of the people are very angry; is there any plan to effectuate a game  changer; and if the opposition should ever get its day from the  cleanup exercise, what is back-up scheme to ensure that as the ruling establishment, such will only be rated as water washing over a grounded and rooted rock?


Unfolding trend of events has been kicking out dust with both the opposition and the ruling establishment refusing to cave in to the other. For example, the Albert Peters and Victoria ‘Gifty’ Lamah saga continues to not be very clear with the government’s side of the story and the former Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe lashed out by saying that even the families of both deceased for being unfair by rendering unsubstantiated generalizations about the deaths, especially falsely accusing the government of double-dealing in the absence of fact.

On the political front, while the opposition is calling for a strike to ensure that all the proper things are well done and handled with transparency before the December 8, 202q02 senatorial by-election is ever held, and considering how desperate the CDC is to capture the lost Montserrado seat at all cause and cost coupled with the time, energy and resources it is putting into this particular race; Nagbe has warned that the attitude of the country’s opposition political parties is ‘disingenuous’ for Liberian democracy.

“It is shameful to you who profess to be lovers of democracy and yet refused to respect the tenets which accompany Democracy,” Nagbe said. “President Weah won on the popular mandate of the Liberian people and this you must respect. You cannot subvert democracy by unfounded protests and demonstrations, “reported a local daily

However, pundits argued that while it is true that Weah got the thorough mandate of the people to govern, it to a larger extent rests with the elected president to honor his shared of responsibility to the people by pro viding the most needed services to enhance their livelihoods to another higher and progressive level and not to be degenerating and turning into confused citizens in their own country with no jobs and begging just for see a day to pass by when in fact they were told by the President that no more will they become spectators to their own  economy rather sole custodians, and now the opposite is the vivid reality.

According to him, six months after the mandate, the opposition begins to attack the administration, despite receiving sound defeat with the so-called 16billion that they considered went missing.

Nagbe added that, while oppositions in other countries are calling for elections to be held, the opposition parties in Liberia do not care to for it.

“They want the December 8 elections not to be held and are planning to obstruct it.  “You need to tell me that the people of Liberia are stupid because they are the ones who voted for Weah. If even you don’t agree with us but we have a mandate for six years,” Mr. Nagbe urged those in opposition.

But what Nagbe did not also mention is the breaching of the constitutions of other neighboring countries like Guinea and the Ivory Coast to extend the tenure of those leaders after serving their respective constitutional two terms e ach as provided by the organic laws of those countries which is brewing tension in those places.

According to pundits, it remains their fervent that with all the mounting problems, Liberia will indeed be and always remain a country of law And not men.

-Writes GDJ  


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