CDC Prints Excess Voter Registration Cards at HQ and Fallah’s School – Plans to Rig Elections

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The Parrot news has gathered credible and reliable information that CDC is printing new voter registration cards for first time voters outside of the National Elections Commission polling centres. Our source who visits the headquarters of the CDC almost every day hinted us that new voter registration cards are being printed at three different places. According to what we have gathered, the three locations where the printing of new voter registration cards are ongoing are the headquarters of the CDC, Thomas Fallah’s academic and vocational school in Nezoe Community and Mulbah Morlu’s compound in Congo Town.

It can be recalled in the 2017 presidential and legislative elections, an employee in the office of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who was a legislative aspirant in electoral district number 1 was caught pant down printing voter registration cards in his compound.

With the Elections Commission now being corrupted by Weah’s new commissioners, CDC is now being authorized to print thousands of voter registration cards to ensure that president’s mandate to have the midterm elections rigged and to allow CDC wins more seats in the Senate, especially ensuring that Montserrado, their once stronghold is reclaimed and Dillon be made vacation Senator. Weah has further warned his cabinet officials that if they cannot win back Montserrado and other counties, they must all be prepared to lose their ministerial jobs right after Dillon and other colleagues are pronounced winners of the senatorial elections as he (Weah) would be taking the exit door in January 2024.

In an apparent effort to adhere to the president’s request, Samuel Tweah has released over 5 million United States dollars to ensure that more first-time voters are registered and the voter registration cards are taken from them. In Montserrado County where CDC promises to reclaim, 2 million has been released to distribute to all zonal heads of the party to go from door to door recruiting first-time voters to go register. The Parrot News has gathered information that each first-time voter who gets registered are given US$10.00 and the cards taken from them.

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