CDC District 10 Women Express Disenchantment in Weah-Led Administration

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

CDC Women in electoral district number 10 in the Old Road Community have expressed profoundly disenchantment in the government of President George Manneh Weah for failing to address the harsh economic situation in the country. Speaking Sunday, November 29, 2020, on an official program organized in honour of Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweah in the Chugbor Community on the Old Road, Mother Blessing who is the head of the women and Champlain General of CDC in district number 10 told Min. Tweah that they are extremely disappointed in the government they all struggled to bring to power.


“I have come on behalf of the women, Sir. The women have been disenchanted. You know we put our lives on the line for this party and because of this, we have been ostracized in our community. We have been given all sorts of names but stay we have not benefited from our votes and the government we brought to power. And so we want to thank God that you are here so we can tell you our needs”, mother Blessing said.

Mother Blessing who spoke on behalf of the women told the huge gathering that majority of the women in electoral district 10 are businesswomen but due to the impact of covid-19, their businesses have been heavily affected. She claimed that the majority of the women in the district children have been kicked out of school due to lack of money. According to Mother Blessing, most of the women husbands have left them and their children unattended to due to the declining state of the economy which has made most of their husbands jobless. She further stressed that women are going through a difficult situation pushing wheelbarrows to sell just to support their children. She said the government will need to empower women who are going through such difficult circumstances. Mother Blessing said the government will need to open a home economic school for women who lack basic skills to get some skills like sowing, tie-dying, baking and more that will empower them to help their families.

“Most of the women have visions but those visions are dying due to lack of support from our government”, Mot. Blessing said.

The program which was held in honour of Minister Samuel D. Tweah in the Chugbor Community in Old Road was turned into a forum for citizens to vomit out their growing disappointment and anger in the inability of their government to improve their livelihoods. From mother Blessing to the president of the first time voters, to the representative of the youth of the district, have all expressed profound disenchantment in the CDC government for failing to improve the quality of life.

But when Minister Samuel D. Tweah was called on stage to respond to the plights of the people of Chugbor community, all the citizens could hear is a blame game and far away promises that would not be easily achieved in the CDC’s last three years in power.

Mother Blessing and the women of Chugbor are not the only women of Liberia who have all expressed deep-seated frustration in the government of President George Weah. It can be recalled that scores of women last year had expressed similar profound regret in their decision to bring the CDC government headed by Pres. Weah to power in 2018. Most of the women who sold cold water, charcoal, fish, oil and other businesses to support Weah’s presidency are today living with deep-seated regret – as their businesses crumble and no longer payoff due to the decaying state of the country’s economy. Painfully sickening, young girls are turning into street prostitutes more than ever before in order to find a livelihood. Young people are graduating from universities and secondary schools with zero hope of getting jobs and living a better future. There is a hyper-increase in the number of pressure patients at all health centres across Liberia due to the unbearable burden of hardship and excruciating poverty. Pressure has become the new normal sickness for young people between the ages of 18 to 25 – doubling malaria that is resident with us, the women lamented.

According to the women, under the leadership of Pres. Weah, ordinary Liberians and hardworking civil servants walk away with a take-home pay that is barely enough to feed their families and pay rent to endure the unbearable challenges of life. Parrot has gathered that once happy families are fast turning into impoverished despair as the promise of ‘Change for Hope’ fails miserably in meaning.

Yana boys and girls who spoke to Parrot News on November 29, 2020 in the slum of Monrovia said they were CDC’s energetic supporters that printed their own t-shirts to ensure a Weah’s presidency but sadly their votes have been unpatriotically misused in utter disregard of the 12 years of honest struggles. According to them, they regret discovering that they had voted criminals in power that have denigrated the living standards of the ordinary population and denied them access to basic social services and relegated the country beneath its rightful place amongst the community of nations. According to slum dwellers, the majority of whom are Cdceans, lamented that this gross evil, which has been accelerated beyond tolerance by their government, cannot be condoned any further.

“We have been conditioned to believe that being gracious to our abusers is a sign of good citizenship. But Pres. Weah continues to abuse this opportunity by putting his personal interests above that of the entire population’, angry slum dwellers lamented. According to them, evil has gripped the Liberian nation, and it must be soundly defeated. Moreover, they told Parrot News that until Liberians, in general, can collectively stand against the rising tide of injustices against the poor and powerless, there is no assurance that Liberia will move anywhere forward and the peace be sustained. Citizens who spoke to Parrot also branded the judiciary as a weak and corrupt judicial system that is exploiting the vulnerable people.


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