Caught Behind ‘Political Barbwires’ -Indeed, Imprisoned By Ineptitude

When the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP) and former Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Dr. Joseph     N. Boakai lashed out that president job is not for small boy, many critics and detractors stood very tall in the throat of former Vice President and side-stepped the cream of the applied logic, and only ran with what they convincingly and abruptly concluded as throwing out jab at the current leadership.

Also buttressing the statement made above by Ambassador Boakai, is a veteran statesman, Cllr. Pete Jallah who added that government is not for children; it is for credible, responsible men and women devoted to providing genuine services to the state and people with uncompromised principles, and strict adherence to the Constitution and the tenets of morality.

Moreover, it is often said that he who fails to prepare, obviously, is prepared to fail; as this has been practically vivid, despite changing the budgetary year from June to January to December, besides all the expensive noise caused about serious work being done on the budget, it is no surprise, say some political pundits that due to gross Executive Negligence, the budget is still riddled with serious questions with emphasis on the domestic and foreign debt portfolios, realizing the fluctuation of the yet-to-justify-figures; from US$72 million in the last budget  and now to US$84 million which rings a very urgent alarming bell of concern and attention of which some authority must provide evident regarding the legitimacy.

Also adding his voice to the grave leadership debacle the country has been plunged into under the seriously questioned leadership of President George M. Weah, a 2023 presidential hopeful, Cllr. Tiawon S, Gongloe comically noted that those who voted for the incumbent to become President will be charged with “child labor” for placing a 100-pound bag of rice on the head of a 10 years old child that he cannot carry.

Moreover, pundits recalled clearly that flunking miserably and performing dismally again, by the government headed by Dr. Weah in international challenges, which is also reflective of the governance system, with high-value-rated tenets widely acclaimed by the international community, so true the pundits are not taken aback, to say the least, that the government was severely bruised and grimly lacerated in that international encounter.

As the unwelcoming Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MCC) Compact scorecard for Liberia is gravely heart-breaking, morally questionable, prestigiously demeaning and damagingly disturbing in the crafty act of serious governance freed of reluctant attitude in delivering meaningfully with exemplified credibility, so true, the regime is being caught behind ‘political barbwires’ and indeed, imprisoned by ineptitude.

It can be recalled that earlier, (Monday, November 8, 2021) when Minister of Finance Planning and Development (MFPD), Mr. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr., appeared on the Spoon Talk Phone-in Show and quizzed if Liberia would this time pass the MCC‘s test; he carefully pointed out the very best that the leadership has done to pass nine out of 20 (twenty when the benchmark would consider 10 out of 20, yet slowly, but softly conceded that Liberia will not make it.) Moreover, he was told straight to the face by callers that one cannot send his or her child to school only to be told at the end of the school year that he (child) passed in writing and spelling, when the hard fact of reality is that he or she failed and will repeat the class, no more and no less.

Coincidentally, the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel F. McGill also admitted that he has informed President Weah to dismiss all nonproductive or lack productive and progressive-results elements in the government which will be done at the government’s retreat, but as the all-powerful sounded, this has not come to fruition until the MCC’s semi-‘obituary’ landed on the center-stage leaving blame-shifters gnashing their teeth.

At the same time, a renowned  Liberian political observer once wondered over the ‘political psychic’ of Liberians, indicated that it is disingenuous that a set of people would be so obsessed  about upholding, patching and whitewashing the worn-out credibility of an individual; and by being so recklessly unconcerned about honor, disgrace coupled with the culture of being undeterminably focused on realism that will set for them, a reputable standard, solely and wholly rooted in commitment to service in the supreme interest of the state and people and not to always quench the political thirst of unreliable, undependable, unserious hustling political power seekers, with no  home-based  functioning establishment of factors of production

The political observer told this medium that both in the political arena and the playing field, that the electorates are never in the calculated mode of setting the agenda for what they need and must see happen from the winners for them; and that the set agenda cloud shift from one group of development projects to another based  on urgent needs; example, the economy, health, education and security as top priorities to be fully supported profoundly by the succeeding government based on the prevailing circumstances, it could also be transformed into agriculture being high on the priority list, having listened to the seekers’ political visions and how to tailor same to accommodate most critically needed developmental engagement on the national scene

According to him, Liberians must ensure that such concept forms the bedrock of their foundation as electorates, and, must press  the hardest without compromise for the deliverance of the earmarked developmental projects; and if the winners failed to make the  challenges productively fruitful, and treat the state and people’s aspirations and expectations to be business as usual; then  they must, without second thought, be harshly punished  at the democratically inspired ballot box; until this becomes the embedded culture of the Liberian political psychic, and it must be done positively, adding , if Liberians do this, and continue on that path, they will surely reap the development and actual change  they’re craving for from their elected leaders and instill in them,  the highest level of seriousness to duty and credible, along with praiseworthy  performance from their leaders; thereby reaping a marvelous dividend for the people and state.

Again, considering the threat to democracy and the freedom to be the champion of your destiny and captain of your own fate currently obtaining from the encroachment of Putin’s Russia against the pinned down independent-minded people of Ukraine; and with foreigners- be students, business adventurers or visitors caught up in the quandary, most governments have been working assiduously behind the diplomatic  scenes to have their trapped citizens taken to a safe haven for onward repatriation, however, on the home front, besides passiveness. Not much is being seen in that direction to get Liberians, no matter their engagement, back home or at least to a safe zone. Painfully, Liberia being a staunch member of the United Nations, did not and could not show up at the General Assembly where all over 190 members met and voted for or against the human tragedy and massive destructions topping the global headlines, while our Foreign Minister is only home-grounded lame duck. This is preposterous and unthinkable in this 21st century global village of diplomacy, a glaring reflection of being caught behind ‘political barbwires’ and indeed, imprisoned by ineptitude.

-Writes GDJ         


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