Monrovia Panicked!

-As High Profile Mysterious Deaths Pierce Nation’s Soul; Indeed Very Disturbing; Who Knows What Evil Lures In The Hearts Of Some Men?   In less than two weeks, Monrovia’s (Capital City of Liberia) once glowing […]

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“I Am Not Stupid” -“Come Clean”; Wonplo Tells Findley About The Entire Passport Scandal, But…

As the shame, scandal and embarrassment emanating from the disgraceful and illicit sale of Liberia’s passports including diplomatic, pundits are craving on bended knees why President George M. Weah’s government is so consistently muddy in […]

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Adding Insult To Injury? -Sad Tale Of Gov’t & NAHWUL; But Is Divide-And-Rule The Best Way Forward?

 Following the radical and no compromise-mode from government about the striking health workers which has dimmed the light of hope and aspirations of those in dire need of medical treatments nationwide; observers are digging deep […]

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Did Over 250k Die For Fun?

As the government sits back busying itself with toxic activities and believing that it owes the people no performance report; and as a matter of fact the people in whom power is inherent as enshrined […]

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A 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow Makes a Sincere Request to the President of Liberia: Calls for the Appointment of A Youth Policy Advisor To the Office Of the President

A sincere request to Mr President: Appointment of A Youth Policy Advisor in the Office of the President Dear Mr President, I have followed you for donkey years especially your involvement in the upliftment of […]

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