Predatory State or Developing State? A Critique of Liberia’s Place Amongst the Comity of Nations

By Julius T. Jaesen, II According to scholars of international relations, political scientists, politicians and academics, the principle or core-reason for the existence of every nation-state in the global community, is to drive through a […]

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Can Weah Listen? Part I

Authored by Julius T. Jaesen, II As Liberia turned 173 years on Sunday, July 26, 2020, there are sundry of concerns from Liberians home and abroad about the message delivered by the Independence Day Orator. […]

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Say No To Weah’s Referendum!

Authored By Julius T. Jaesen, II I’m deeply saddened by the blatant violations of our organic law by the government of George Weah and his 4G rush to alter provisions in our constitution through a […]

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