Shame Beyond Bearing -Indeed, Vigorously Confronted With Grim Worrying Combination Of Troubling-Circumstances

Can President George M. Weah pull out his troubled-leadership vessel saddled with absolute incompetence; loaded with sycophancy, and endless corruption, entrenched impunity and cronyism coupled with appeasement of buddies and praise-singers; out of this imposed […]

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Weah’s Liberia Flunked Miserably Again! -Badly Scrapped In MCC’s Scorecard For Four Years Running; Forfeits US$500mTo Enhance Important Projects Now Trapped In Performance Quandary

While flunking miserably and performing dismally again, headed by Dr. George M. Weah in international challenges, reflective to the governance system, with high-value-rated tenets widely acclaimed by the international community, has been severely bruised and […]

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Will Liberia Transform Into A Mortuary -Before Gov’t Exhibits Practical Action Of Arrest For The Many Mysterious Deaths?

Until the government can take the unhindered lead by robustly bringing to justice, those culpable for the mysterious murdered of some citizens, Liberians remain very low-spirited and overwhelmed with perpetual fear for their safety and […]

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Ruthless Aggression -An Unending Sad Tale Of An Embarrassed Country; Where The People Pathetically Live In Perpetual Grief And Misery

Calamities of all heights and volumes have transplanted the vernon of ruthless aggression in the hearts and minds of many so-called Liberian political movers and shakers totally disguised as nation builders and perceived angels of […]

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Liberia And The Plague Of Hypocrisy

Matthew 23:27-28  states; “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and all uncleanness. Even so […]

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Our Freedom Is ‘Supreme’ Over Harbored Fear -Declared Critics; Adding, “Gov’t Is Best” That Governs The Least”

When the renowned American anti-encroachment on rights (freedom) to be free by all created individuals told straight to the face of the fast spinning wheels of the British Colonial Machine was gushing out the sweltering […]

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Embarrassingly Swallowing The Bitter Pill -When Did This Gov’t Know The Glory Of Honesty, Integrity And Sincerity?

Absolute charade, that the government, out of glaringly bruised performances, can now strongly recognize the kudos of, without attached spin  compromise to transparency, accountability, honesty, integrity and sincerity, unlike what the government has dismally demonstrated […]

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CDC’s Unholy Alliance -As The Nucleus Crumbles; So True; Things Are Bound To Fall Apart; The Existing Hard Facts Of Reality, Now Piercing The Alliance’s Cohesiveness

Rough accommodation of persistent marginalization, gnashing of teeth in absolute regret, political respectability completely trampled underfoot;  abandoned on a swampy isolated island of political quagmire, indeed, the ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) fetes components […]

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