Cancerous Venom Of Division -CPP’s Deep Rooted Catastrophic; Where Now Lies The People’s Hope To Make Incumbent A One Term President?

One conning controversial politician of Liberia considered to be a little known lad in the game of politics, yet most feared and hated by all those in the opposition community, during the presidential race in which he was a contestant and a force to reckon, once stated when the opposition members were caught in a quandary while locked up in a room to bury their high personal egos and form a united front against this politician, and throw him out of the race with a massive knock out and shattering blow; boastfully told his supporters that with the overdriving quest for the presidency of which each member of the opposition so dearly crave for personally, they will remain lock up in that one room debating, arguing and clamoring, while he would have won the presidential election long time ago as they remain locked up projecting self-supremacy.

Indeed, truth to his utterance and declaration, those in the opposition remained locked up in that one room tearing each other apart  with the claim of being the best, exclusively capable and being the right person to kick-out or put under the bus, the most feared and hated candidate and won’t subordinate or succumb to any other person in the opposition camp vying for the presidency,; so shockingly, they never came out with  a united front rather everyone went ‘solo’, and at the end of the day, the conning and controversial character defeated them flatly with a very unimaginable margin.

All those who were in Liberia vividly saw and witnessed that defeat which crumbles the opposition’s arrowheads and decapitated their abilities to even dream about anything called presidency due to their individual selfish greed for state power, at the same time which is just impossible; as there can only be one for the presidency and the other as vice president to brace the race, but failure to make the most needed sacrifice for the greater interest of the country’s benefit, landed the whole opposition bloc in the frozen cold.

Today, it would appear that the heavyweights of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) did not learn any lesion from the past political debacle that confronted those dubbed opposition members at that time; and as the CPP is lamenting all over the place to make President George M. Weah a one term President; then the reflective posture of the very CPP is not encouraging in any form, style and manner  when the latter is rapidly failing to establish a solid united front and a cohesive force set and ready to move on the incumbent  and make real the echo of turning the incumbent into a one term President as  also being proclaimed by the many followers, supporters and sympathizers  of the CPP,  will result into a scornful myth since the leaders are catching real hell to organize their rank-and-file for the task that should liberate the people from the shackles of abject poverty; completely anti-transparency and accountability.

Also inclusively, dreadful livelihood; nefarious environment; poor and bad governance system; disrespect, firstly for the people and then heartlessly for the rule of law with emphasis on the constitution; saddled with horrifying unemployment heart break; onlookers of their (people’s) own economy; messed up health and education systems and the highest peak of insecurity mating gross dishonesty and a well-grounded corruption in all its infamous forms and characters.

As most people are already sensing failure from the way in which the CPP is proceeding politically inwardly; the writing on the wall shows clearly that the incumbent who is rapidly rushing and racing against time to make time successfully on his second term victory, might likely leave the leaders of the CPP stuck up in one room once again yelling over each other’s heads for individual political accolade of supremacy and he or she being the best from the rest.

By then, the incumbent may have already completed taking his oath of affirmation for his second term ; and make no mistake, when a visually impair person says he or she will stone you, don’t take it for granted because the stone is either in his or her hand or standing on the rock. In that line, it can be recalled when the Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie recently stated that the incumbent will lead up to 2029 an apparent indication that the incumbent will surely get his second term and turn over in 2030 contains political victory meat some way or the other and must not be taken faintly by the eclipsed CPP leaders who are having it mean, tough and rough coming in strongly from the cold with a firm united front.

Is the CPP now a spent force? Is the CPP out of political steam? Does the CPP know not of compromises as well as give-and-take? Has the CPP gone totally bankrupt in vision, trust and cordial internal cooperation? Is the CPP brain dead? Are all its powerful and robust veins so weak to accept adjustment?  Is the CPP embarrassingly; like opposition leaders in the past era of the conning and controversial little known, but feared and hated candidate; when instead of arranging themselves for a collective political battle, elected to fully keep their eyes all set on the presidency individually, thereby sinking deeply in the quicksand of isolation and a collective victims of the cancerous venom of division.

-Writes GDJ

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