Can Weah Listen?

While the nation and people have listened keenly to yet another Independence Day’s national orator who brought a message though with different tune for the 173rd  year of existence, almost all the orators including this July 26 (though celebrated on 27th officially) have said the same thing; the hard facts of reality; the urgent need to change from the wrongs that have successfully drilled a wedge in the middle of our pride and meaningful achievements; have also made salient recommendations that would reflect sound and respected people-centered leadership and a more workable and acclaimed governance; swallowing the bitter pills, told the government the right way to proceed with emphasis on the dos and don’ts to ensure an open,   credible, reliable, dependable and responsible government  all came through fearlessly, the echoes of the various orators, but one thing that remains static time after time in the process to realizing the true dividend: can Weah Listen?

Obviously, a maxim that fish starts to rot from the head and not the tail is very glaring and no matter how many more orators may come and mount the podiums and thunder the same message over and over, nothing good by virtue of positivism can be achieved as long as Weah elects not to listen besides paying lip-service of warm sentimental platitude. Even at that, can Weah listen?

In complete contradiction of the political slogan adopted by this regime named and styled: Pro- Poor; a slogan whose objective is to ensure without compromise or be swayed away by any form of unfolding temptations, rather the poor is the rooted center-piece of attention, attraction, inclusion and  concern. As long as the President persistently and consistently keeps demonstrating a flamboyant lifestyle of a bourgeois; buying US$1.9 million bulletproof cars to augment  his presidential convoy in an existing economy that is practically nonfunctioning and  on a very serious critical list, while scores of citizens go to be without anything to bite on; as the President finds great pleasure in draining the country’s financially-troubled coffers to support his desire; even if Jesus Christ becomes the next Orator with similar message vibrated in the past, can Weah listen?

Let him take a look at the Late Tom Sankara’s Pro-Poor Manifesto, indeed he (Tom) made a great difference in setting the pace and driving the implementation process through leading by example. The value system of Sankara’s model honestly and fully represents and portrays the true and sincere spirit of a Pro-Poor government in which the less fortunate people progressively felt and reaped the benefit and dividend of the slogan; and didn’t have to be told time and again about the truest manner and form of implementation. Look at Weah today and look at the people he professed to be fully a part and parcel of; people who gave him the mandate to lead are now too far away and different from him, as they rapidly degenerate in value, substance, and depreciate in quality and livelihood, yet the beat goes on no matter who says what or recommends what, one thing remains clear: can Weah listen?

In these troubling times, the government must demonstrate a high level of nationalism and patriotism towards Liberia. Quit milking this dying economy mercilessly because we are where we are today only of genuine leadership deficiency. Stop using this nation for your own selfish reasons and not invest in it. You are very determined to totally use and reduce this country and not love, let along build. Speakers will come and talk, and orators will also come and thunder the virtues of conducting a government enshrined with the finest taste and well cherished tenets of democracy… can Weah listen?


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