Can Lobbyist Bakari Sew A Torn Leaf? -Lest You Forget; That The More Needle Drills; The More Holes Are Produced; Indeed, The Sad Image Rebranding Saga Of Weah’s Leadership

From K. Riva Levison (KRL) to CNN Analyst Bakari Sellers, a now hired lobbyist to clean up the appalling skeletons in the George M. Weah‘s leadership closet is expected to be an interestingly uphill fray, as one  Liberian traditionally cultured woman described the task  as using needle to sew a leaf; whether it is a dry leaf or a fresh green leaf, it will become glaring that needle is never the  tool to use to sew any form of leaf, because  in the process of drilling the needle with the attached thread through the leaf, one will only begin to createmore holes in the leaf, and indeed, it’s no solution to the obstacles.

For example, the almighty KRL Consultancy very rooted in the lobby business specifically in Washington, with former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf being one of the most vivid beneficiaries of the KRL Consultancy’s effort immensely, was also hired to whitewash the grim image of the Weah-led Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), mainly in Washington which failed to hit the jackpot; and now CNN Analyst Bakari has become the new kid on the block knowingly or unknowingly  how many cosmetic ingredients and cans of whitewash he will be needing and how chronically contaminated the skeletons in the closet are oozing with the terrifying offensive odor  characterizing the leadership so much in dire need of fixing its polluting image marred with massive corruption, gross incompetence coupled with overnight circumcision of the rule of law and the interference with the constitution along with the due process where impunity eclipses law and order.

Is hired Bakari a magician with his all=powerfully unstoppable charm to turn anything intentionally made bad to pretty decent glad tiding as being the present Liberia’s image under President Weah’s leadership? Does “Mr. Fix It” know what he has got himself into, apart from working for his millions, quite frankly, most needed to bring useful relief at home, instead of just craving on bended knees in an attempt to sway the US Government’s radical policy towards this struggling regime based on its own insincerity, dishonesty, and not-people-oriented-policy, create the darkest night into a marvelous sunny day?

How would he rate his rebranding crusade of the Weah’s government to the American Government through the based-media while the deplorable, horrifying, imposed abject poverty on the people are in no way of fading away anytime soon, coupled with tons of bad governance, absolute incompetence, disturbing impunity exclusively and time without number for cronies, belly-driven-sycophants, glee club chanters and the hopelessly handicapped blind loyalists; in the gigantic pool of entrenched corruption as the system’s renowned password all jogging for first place; are no longer at ease in embracing some level of reform for the better? Convincing the US policymakers that things soon get better and will rapidly change, the house will be in good shape unlike the previous prevailing bad shape; besides the very presence of the US Embassy on the grounds and equipped with all the information and evident about unfolding happenings and developments; above all beautifully sold image of this struggling leadership to govern according to required set rules as enshrined in the constitution, the appearances, livelihoods and status of the citizens barracked on the political playing field, completely stranded and flatfooted in their own economy while consistently and persistently wearing the spectators’ tag, will surely speak to the unchangeable and existing hard facts of reality piercing them daily, besides employing all the democratic options including countless protestations throughout the country intermittently, to draw government’s attention to their imposed unbearable plights, yet all have ended like wasting water on duck’s back.

As Liberians look on anxiously disgruntled for “Mr. Fix It” Bakari to change WATER INTO WINE through his rebranding of the regime’s image to the American policymakers from where all will become milk and honey for Liberians from America’s newly found outlook towards this intentionally struggling leadership, however, one thing that cannot change is “Mr. Fix It” Bakari will not succeed to sew a torn leaf be it dry or fresh and green. No, the miracle is not his to perform except change changes itself openly and sincerely without second thought.

Pundits maintained that although the massive lobbying maneuverings and the whitewashing will go on and on and unabated as a showcase of professing to do the thing he does the best for money out of impressionism, and secondly, a solid justification for the millions to be earned from a government that has for all the wrong reasons, overly shot itself in the leg, and that is why when a leaf is torn, it is torn, unlike cloth. People have lost their once hard earned statues; morale has fallen very far below the nothingness line; children are forced to quit school because parents cannot afford to even keep plate on the table, let alone, foot astronomical school fees; respectfully organized homes now in very bad shape and by extension,  sad disarray.

Thievery in this administration has also found a very comfortable palace with the illegal selling of Liberia’s most profound traveling document-the Passports which are in the hands of foreigners most of whom have tainted characters at the detriment of the Liberian society on one hand, and the citizens on the other hand that put Liberians in a tight corner internationally.  Apart from the unresolved passport scandal that rocked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs involving the dismissed Director of Passports Andrew Wonplo who and his family were denied entering the United States; and despite calling names of those involved in the cartel including the former Foreign Minister, Gbezhongar Findley and other higher-ups, nothing has been done through the due process to have those accused arrested, sent to court and if found culpable, be punished in keep with the law. While this scandal also claimed the attention of the US Statement Department; again there is a looming report that another batch of printed blank passports almost over 3,000 copies are at the Freeport of Monrovia and is allegedly being taken away in piecemeal to someplace unnamed countries as reported by the KOOL FM Radeon Station in Monrovia on Tuesday, September 7. 2021 with the government remaining tightlipped on the discovery of the printed blank passports.

With the writing of people’s disaffection carved on the wall with every letter written by the drops of the tears of regret, and as the Mr. FIX It Sellers Bakari steps in the arena to perform his incredible stunt as a lobbyist to rebrand the damaged image of Weah’s Liberia, while anticipating winning the accolade for producing a U-turn and change of mind of the US policymakers who themselves are firmly aware and profoundly informed about the difficulties, misery and inhumane treatments the people continue to suffer at the hands of the irreparable virus eating up the fabrics of the inner hope and aspiration of the broken-hearted people now just barely livening in the country of imposed grief-prone activities channeled by the troubled-leadership; indeed, Mr. Fix It Bakari, with his great promise to produce the luxurious glory and the sugar mountains of the United States of America will reap at the end of the tunnel, while he will pray for these things, so true, he will pray, but for now, his prayer is too late. Why? Simple. The rebranding scheme to produce the change the Pro-Poor Government is about to spend the millions on, can come from nobody else but exclusively from within the very rank-and-file of the current leadership by beginning to do all those basic things it has blatantly refused to do, and keep clear, clean and far away from the accumulating odds it has continued to accommodate and rejected the calls of the people to stay away from hosting and practicing.

–Writes GDJ

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