Breaking The Male Dominated Glass Ceiling -Indeed, A Credible Lady Of Substance


Mankind has been told time after time, and from generations to generations that in the man-controlled and run world, it is a dog-eats-dog before the cat’s face, and when the eating of the other is done…the question on all lips is: who’s next and how does the latter survive when all hell has broken loose?

In the same vein, determined individuals are not deterred when confronted with tasks and challenges perceived as insurmountable, and helplessly grieve about what they need to hold on to charge back rather they firmly stand up and brace the hurdles with what they have.

Moreover this nation had a leader who out of the three postures in life, deeply proclaimed to subscribe to one. The first posture was a generation of people who exist throughout only waiting for things to happen; the second posture is the set of people who accept things as they happen and the third is the posture from the generations that make things to happen.

Based on the quest of such leader to excel and make an envious, distinct and unique difference in class and style, declared being of the generation that makes things to happen.

Therefore, the height by which great people reached and kept was not obtained by sudden flight, but while others slept or out and chasing shadows, determined people were out burning the last night oil to be a productive shareholders of a future colonized by the male gender.

Logically, with all things being equal, we see we the toughness, charisma and challenging innovative drive a lady of substance fully prepared to break the man dominated society; and knowing people of her caliber who do not grow on trees that can be picked at will and at any time; robustly rolled way the venom of taboo and mounted the stage of challenge and service.

 Without any hesitation the least, it is a historic milestone for a lady rich with determination and courage, and imbued with the kudos to find her place in serving society and with head held high with pride and dignity, has

written her name on the forever-green page of fantastic groundbreaking realm of respectability.

This lady, the pride of the nation and feminism  globally, is Nancy Dogbo commonly referred to as ‘Kokoyah Queen’ who has gone down in the history as Liberia’s first female Sergeant-At-Arms at the Legislature, has also worked for the past eight years in the human resource department.

Nancy Dogbo’s, transfer to the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Liberian Senate is the first time in the history of the legislature. Nancy in her new department is the only female amongst five males and will go down in the history of the legislature as the first female to break that record.

  A Sergeant-at-Arms is an officer appointed by a deliberative body, usually a legislature, to keep order during its meetings.

According to the queen of her, during her eight years of service in the department of human resources, she has always harbored the intention to work in the department of Sergeant-At-Arms as a way of serving her country. She’s aware that the greatest challenge will be the only woman working among men but assure that the condition will be cordial.

Jul 8, 2021

“I have always had the passion to serve my country. I want to be grateful to my former boss who welcome my request to take transferred,” she said.

The FrontPageAfrica reported that the Queen Kokoyah (Nancy) believes her commitment and sincerity as a staffer of the Legislature has landed the opportunity to work. She is a mother of three girls.

-Writes GDJ


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