Brain Dead Scenario -Regime Stuck In The Elevator; Where’s The Energy To Power It?

Saddled with massively poor degraded economy; brain dead sapplied political philosophy reflective of the provided leadership, a symbolic matrix was brightly shown as one in a million performances; when te recent regional conference being hosted in the country which infuriated the high profile regional participants to end up at the Monrovia City Hall from the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, Monrovia, to continue the conference due to power outage at the Complex.

The high profile conference compromised members from ECOWAS and hosted by George M. Weah Congress for Democratic Change-(CDC) government targeted a variety of woes plaguing the region including treacherous developments at the expense of regime change by the military, security, threatened peace justice coupled with gross political setbacks; now gradually clipping the wings of the image and presage of the country, by extension, the governments in the region.

In the same vein, the government  did not keenly  listen to, and fruitfully digest the sober and clear-cut message from US President Joe Biden head of Bicentennial envoy, Madam  Dina Banks that it is never in the best interest for a government to be so complacent, and live too deep in short term visions, programs and the provision of goods and services will not be helpful for the people and state in  the long run; because somewhere down the line, government will be forced to mate shame, woes and sandals.

The elusive mentality displayed time after by the system and its functionaries is so appalling that the oozing toxin leadership, according to pundits, has  portrayed the posture of total brain dead and stuck in the elevator with no power in the environment of wise council to get the system out of the stalled elevator.

In the same vein of toxic leadership. a maxim that something rotten in  Denmark is profusely smelling in Liberia is gradually establishing a hold on the ailing economy-meaning, the Russia-Ukraine war so many miles away is already having a debilitating  crunch on the economy with gasoline’s price swelling from LD600 to LD1, 200, in spite government’s mixed signals which is unreliable that there is no gasoline shortage in the country; paradoxically, it has hiked the prices of gasoline to a LD875.00 and fuel a little higher than gasoline; that that government will monitor the petro market to ensure that no vendor causes the slightest embarrassment for the people; while government maintains the track record of incapable of monitoring prices as a whole; the entire  gasoline price is a stunt, sham and charade, according to pundits.

Meanwhile, flipping the embarrassed pages of this administration,  a once veteran statesman and political strategist told this medium in a discussion regarding the most sacred plank in the ongoing questionable nationwide tour by President George M. Weah after his popularity has been plummeted and already been badly roasted in previously supported chain of by-elections, with the December 8, 2020 senatorial showdown being the straw that nearly broke the Camel’s back; wherein his full participation and his influence peddling  accrued a very dismal  result; believing to be outsmarting the others with vested interest in the presidency, however. with all potential archrivals locked up behind the bars-of-not-yet-time-for, and to campaign; the incumbent, in no rush, is out there on his ‘solo drive’ breaking fresh and more grounds with absolute campaign fashion., if the electorates purposely play their ballots well, the end result of the 2023 with spell shock, sorrow and the gnashing of teeth for many including those in the highest echelon to all the way down.

Moreover, observers are critically wondering-can President George M. Weah pull out his troubled-leadership vessel saddled with absolute incompetence; loaded with sycophancy, and endless corruption, entrenched impunity and cronyism coupled with appeasement of buddies and praise-singers; out of this imposed angry ocean of people, politically eclipsed  to drown in their anger; and place it on ‘dry-dock’; and begin to conduct a thorough and systematic overhaul of the leadership vessel, mend the problematic holes; lubricate the rusty joints and professionally  smoothen the misplaced rough edges in the leadership realm.?

Again, they asked, what works well in President Weah’s government is now the point to ponder. Is it the governing system so profoundly pinned down with inconsistencies and a long chain of discouragements of confidence in the failed leadership to institute a change that has long been craved and propounded by the now neo-Apartheid regime with a clarion call as a hope of breaking from the past? Could it be the rooted notion of being totally unconcerned about honor and disgrace, and about the respect for the value of laws and the defender of the Constitution that is breached anytime and at will without an iota of check-and-balance being meted out?

It can be recalled that the November 16, 2021 by-election in Nimba County where Senator Prince Y. Johnson is considered Nimba One, the kingmaker/Kingpin, the godfather of the County’s politics-meaning anyone’s hand he holds up for election must win, was badly bothered with a crushing blow that now erodes his grip onto leading the people whom to vote for; thereby being brutally confronted with an uphill fray of ‘game changer’.

Although, this defeat is not the first of him holding someone’s hand to win election, in fact his luck had run out on two different occasions with one in his own home town where he was massively defeated in keeping with  including the man in his own home town, including those he presented as his candidates; without learning that politics is dynamic and not static; the latest in Ganta became the straw that broke the camel’s back; wherein he (PYJ) must realize that in politics, no one is an island. In total shock and amazement, Sen Johnson noted that most people have accused him in the county of being a tribalist, and as a Gio man, all those he had supported were all Gio, and what he wanted this time was a compromised candidate, but found out that the man who won the district election is a Gio and a relative of him, adding that the victory of Samuel Brown, Jr., who is a Gio man,s and an independent candidate exonerated him of not operating specifically for the Gio people.

At the same time and, for example, as the writing on the wall clearly catalogued the numerous flaws inflicted on the nation and people by this self-styled Pro-Poo government since its ascendency almost four years now; additionally, this Pro-Poor administration had systematically milked this nation almost to its pale bare bone close to nothingness.

Who invented the unprofessional activities and conduct demonstrated by the government with the missing 16 billion Liberian Dollars; the most questionable, grotesque and unorthodox form and fashion in which the US$25 million mop-up exercise intended to be infused in the economy championed by the Minister of  Finance and Development Planning Samuel D. Tweah, was the  performance by dealing with local money exchangers both in and around Monrovia, with some of those (money exchangers)  registered with recorded cell phone numbers rated as nonexistence. Even the money exchangers in Duala were mentioned as beneficiaries of the process wherein US Dollar was exchanged for Liberian dollars which were in grave shortage on the currency market and the economy at large which created grim misconception in the public space, with nothing concrete and professionally done to right the wrong, thereby demonstrating integrity crunch.

The corrupt method applied in which the COVID-19 sustainable package short landed without reaching out to the most needed targets was a stabbed in the back of integrity; whereas, the indecent and dishonest action adopted to illegally use the deposited money of the international partners and demanded that the government returns their money back to their account.

-Writes GDJ

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