Bombshell Rocks Senate -As Staffers Protest For Salary Payments; When US$15,000 Was Paid To Each Senator For Engagement Purposes

        It is totally foolhardy and disturbingly unthinkable for staffers of the Liberian Senate to not receive their salaries for months, while the bosses (Senators) are given US$15,000 each as engagement, has landed a bombshell that rocks the senate.

While being paid their US$15,000 each as senate engagement, the staffers loaded with anger and disappointment staged a serious protest for their salaries which erupted the senators’ work for a while, and after lengthy negotiation, was called off.

Despite the promise which is not the first or second time that did not materialize, the representative of the staffers pointed out that if the senate’s authority do not settle their salary payments, they will unleash a massive protest on next Tuesday that will stall the session of the Senators.

The action of the senate to seek only their collective wellbeing at the detriment of the staffers vividly portrays how those at the senate practically put their very interest far and above the people’s vested attention thereby leaving the various counties (15) less attended to as much as they do in putting theirs on the frontline.

This level of self-seeking while using the people’s mandate to get where they envisage to be, is very disgusting and dangerously dishonest to the very people who voted for them to perform a task for them (people) and just confirmed what is being said about the lawmakers who exclusively are concerned about what all they can get for their own benefits-such heartless greed for wealth and to line their pockets has not changed and will not even change as long as they are being driven by money.

The US$15,000 senate engagement to be used to undertake projects in their respective settings clearly shows that while they know whether the amount is in the budget line and that they could quickly identify same, indeed, as easy as it was to find that money to serve their respective needs; yet it was not that easy to find the money to pay the long delayed legitimate salaries for the staffers who will have to protest time after time to get what they have work for; is completely laughable  and very wicked on the part of the senate.

Moreover, pundits are so puzzled and observe that how can the senate be so heartless, self-centered and only care for themselves knowing that the staffers are the supportive arms of the senate; and that they have families and dependence to care for based on their salaries they earned which have not been paid for months; is not a way to treat your staffers who are always there for you.

According to them (pundits), what would they do if they were in the shoe of the staffers, would they just sit peacefully and watch the bosses divide questionable money time after time without realizing that the staffers also need to have their salaries settled? They added that when people who are leading show no concern about those they lead and don’t care if they don’t get what they deserve, then they also don’t merit any space of leadership.

With those set of people occupying the senate, Liberia and the citizens are in a long haul with no one to feel for them or care for them rather it is their (senators) greatest pleasure to drown them (people) in perpetual despair and keep them absolutely wrecked in distress. Quite frankly, there is an urgent need for some people-centered individuals to save this nation and people because almost every aspect of the governance system is messed up with dismay; and suffocation from loose leadership.

-Writes GDJ 

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