Boakai Inherits Fractured CPP -Can His Leadership Resuscitate The Entity From Itself?

On the eve of his ascendency to the helm of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) there are already tons of simmering questions from supporters, and critics to Unity Party’s Standard Bearer, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai that in times like these in the life of the troubled-driven CPP, what difference can he positively make to turn the corner around? What is the prime objective of his leadership, and will it be achieved?  At the heart of the CPP’s overwhelmed confidence crunch, how prepared and equipped he is positioned to mend the almost fractured fence?  Will he carefully re-invent the saddled-CPP, and considering to be the most senior, oldest, experienced and very exposed to the workings of government, by extension the public sector? And what is expected of his administration as his greatest achievement; despite being a major player with vested interest?

At the same time, pundits are eagerly wondering if the very bruised image of the CPP, reflective of the kudos and arsenal to make the incumbent a truly and actually   one term president how could Ambassador Boakai pull the CPP out of its political quagmire when there are flying reports all over the place that Dr. Boakai’s self-declared political archrival seriously rooted in fear of being harshly dealt with for the political impropriates and other inhumane woes inflicted that characterized the tainted so-called legacy left on a bare floor loaded with quizzical  obstacles, is still hunting every inch of Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer Boakai’s  political quest, aspiration and engagement, by going through and playing all sorts of amazing political stunts; and  unflinchingly ultilizing strayed stooges and politically inadequate dwarfs, scapegoats and surrogates to keep the fire blazing on Dr. Bokai’s back, thereby setting the UP’s strongman to have a double uphill fray- from both within and outside. Firstly,(internally) containing and maintaining calm, trust and stability in the troubled-CPP  as a challenge to his leadership, while on the other hand, battling fiercely from tooth to toes for his political life by fanning away aggressively the consistent and persistent attack  on his political prospect , both battles he must win to be a reliable, dependable, credible and responsive leads unlike those inept rulers masquerading as leaders.

Information sent out to all constituent heads of the four collaborating parties to be in full attendance at the ascendency of Dr. Boakai as the next and final leader of the CPP in keeping with the framework, it is being learned that the Alternative National Congress (ANC) at the core foundation of the hullabaloos seeping very deep in the politically very ailing CPP, may not have the Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings at the program because of his foreign engagement which he is attending, thereby downplaying the auspicious occasion, that required the presence of all four leaders.

It can be recalled that amidst the political hullabaloos regarding Liberia’s badly deep-seated depression ravaging her profound sincere quest for a true and actual people-centered leader, former VP, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai (JNB) has mounted the front line with a cardinal message to serve honestly his people wherein they will realize the worth of their human value and the shared pride of the sense of belonging, adding, “retired, but not tired.”

Most refined scholars, experts coupled with those adequately and eloquently schooled in the craft of governance, have attributed the massive miscarriage in the governing system of Liberia is due to the total lack of openness, clear agenda of purpose to serve and not to be served, while ill-treating the their opportunity to serve by amassing overnight questionable wealth, outright abuse of the laws and constitution along with the lackadaisical lip service pays towards being the best leader since the birth of this nation just to name a few.

Based on the massive search for a leader who will serve rather than be served with the interests, happiness, respect for all government’s three branches and restoring genuine credibility to the latter, former VP Boakai has sent out a clarion call: “give me the chance, I still have the energy to serve and I think the Liberian people need a leader who has been there and has worked with them”.

     Dr. Boakai also continues: “the Liberian people have not really gotten the leadership that got them at heart. They need someone who knows what the problems are, I am not looking for power. I am looking for opportunity to serve. I am looking for no money”.

     Reiterating his appeal to Liberians to give him a chance to serve them as their next President he intoned that he has a vision of putting Liberia back on the map with its allies and setting the stage for the next generation of leaders. For him, he said, it’s not about getting the power it’s about serving his country and the people.

Reminding the Liberian people that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, meaning conversely that the mind is a very useful and terrible thing to toy with carelessly, adding, “I am confident of receiving the standard bearership of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) because I see myself as the candidate that can take Weah down; and if the CPP wants to win and take Weah down, Boakai is the man to do that this is in no disrespect to my colleagues in the CPP.”

Touching on the tons of horrifying stories about the state of his health which according to them, is not encouraging, Dr. Boakai noted that he is strong, energetic, and has no problem to complain about. He believes some of the concerns about his health condition raised by people are not raised because those people are concerned about his health but because they want him sick.

       In an interview with the Costa online show over the weekend, the determined politician pointed out that “I am very grateful to people who are concerned about my health. I am very healthy and I know it. If I weren’t healthy with all honesty, I will not be vying for a position when I know I will not be able to serve.”

He observes that “those concerned about me not being healthy is not that they know that I am not healthy but because they want me not being healthy, but they are disappointed because I am energetic and have nothing to complain about, I move around. Let them transfer their sickness somewhere else.”


Liberians have been urged to elect people not because they are their tribal men of women or their relationship with them and just great admirers, but because they are able to lead them and manage the country’s resources to benefit everyone and not a selected few.

According to Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, it is foolhardy for leader to heavily concentrate on building or fixing 50 thousand dollars communities’ roads and make it US$3 million, stressing that from 1847, Liberia has had only one road, an if giving the chance to lead, he will build roads that will open up the country and provide opportunities thereby enhancing the free movements of goods and services throughout the country.

Former VP Boakai also explained: “I will lead by example by starting with myself and that would include respecting the rule of law. I will be a leader for the country and not for friends and family because the people surrounded their resources to you to manage and not for family that is the kind of leadership we will bring”.

Leadership is not for fun, we should be careful how we choose leadership. We should be careful not to elect leaders because of friendship and their personal resources”, Former VP Boakai cautions.

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