Bleeding Nation Wailing In ICU

The core value of Liberia that has been nefariously amputated based on created leadership vacuum that consistently pretends as though this nation has all it takes from revolutionary leader, has pathetically found itself totally in the opposite echelon stuck in the quagmire of tinted ‘innovative gangsters’ parading the corridor of state power, and also at the self-controlled helm chanting over 170 years running, glory to Liberia we so dearly love and must serve selflessly to place her on the global map of envious growth and development, is now sadly bundled up and bleeding and wailing profusely in the intensive care unit (ICU), with those claiming to love the nation and have both the people and state at heart. digging deep into the layers of the  coffers and resources under the canopy of “touch not my anointed and well- cherished precious jewel corruption” up to present, massively purging honesty, revolutionary rigor, transparency, accountability and high reputable standard of governance imbued with credibility, unwavering patriotic DNA and the reflection of a well-grounded spirit of nationalism.

So true, this nation endowed with almost all the most needed resources both natural and mineral of which many  countries wish and crave for at least two, is gloomily curst with open-minded, people-centered, sincere-on-fire-nation building characters, coupled with unblemished leadership style; has reduced this once glorious land of liberty destined to be ours to a mere pans and hats in the hands and begging for crumbs and toxic waste from foreign lands; continues to profoundly struggle, suffer, wallow and crave on bended knees all because the past and so-called and self-styled leaders have never ever meant what they say or mean, thereby plunging the soul of the nation and the high hope and aspirations of the heavily  confused and desperately disturbed people in perpetual coma propelled by wicked and greedy cons masquerading since 1847 to present as deep-seated lovers of country and people- a mere surface-to-surface empty pronouncement.

From the days of J.J. Roberts and his batch of crusaders to the inherited imperialistic hegemony championed by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf down to the nation and people’s heartbreaker and disappointment torchbearer and visionless George M. Weah and his cronies, blind loyalists and praise-singing henchmen have mortgaged the body, heart, mind and soul of the nation on the altar of self-aggrandizement massively fueled by self-regulated heartless, shameless and indecent dreadful  corruption- a damning crust of the leadership bloodline of Liberia. When the nation and people lumbered with imposed grief, sorrow, frustration and disdainfulness forcefully shoved down their throats without second thought by the various leaders at point in time, they once again gravitated to what would be rated hope-restored-once-again change led by someone they convincingly and politically rendered savior who is indeed one of their kinds who will be like them, be there always for them, talk for them, feel like them and do things in the interest of them; so they gave him all they had democratically there by enabling him and his team to mount the stage and roll their bandwagon.

However, no sooner than later, the very leadership style they fought against bitterly but democratically at the ballot quickly boomeranged and landed forcefully in their chests gravely ruined by bad governance over the years. This high profile hope, trust, confidence and unique aspirations vested in the character they scored as “the man of the time” became known as George M. Weah; well  cherished, wholeheartedly welcomed, greatly admired, a renowned scientist in crisis management and damage control became their unshakeable, redemptive believe and genuine reliance for a better livelihood and a great and prosperous nation. But it was not so. Dreams don’t always come through, that while diamonds are not forever, so it is that all things that glitter are gold. Shockingly to the utmost dismay of their high expectations, they were rewarded pain, abject poverty, complete disregard as the grass grew much fresher and greener right across the fence, they were starving when they began to recall Ecclesiastic 10:16…a  country is in trouble when the king is a youth and its leaders feast all night long.

Therefore it is glaring and crystal clear as the people are drowning in face-down- shame and confronted with vividly unaccountable scandals as dividend for awarding what they saw as one of them the respect and votes for elevation to the highest seat in the land, they now know that no matter in which direction a tree falls, it will lie where it fell…Ecclesiastic 11:3. And so at long last, despite the imposed sham, disappointments, relegated from bonafide citizens to status-less spectators in their own country and economy, inspite of the political promises made to the people by President Weah that instead of being regulated, they will be promoted as the sole owner and custodians of their very economy, looking back close to three years running they realized that indeed, they and their very high expectations and aspirations are now bound to be like a person who tries to sleep in a bed too short to stretch out on, and with a blanket too narrow to wrap himself in…states Isaiah 28:20.

So this is where we have brought ourselves democratically and only with sound realization democratically, having known now what we did not know before will we be fooled into thinking that change for hope must find its way on the political radar for thorough scrutiny based on infested tons of flaws and avoid presiding over a bleeding nation wailing in the intensive care unit (ICU.

-Writes GDJ.    

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