Blatantly Rejecting Dr. Nyan’s COVID-19 Volunteering Offer Is Troubling

What’s going on in the corridor of the Executive Mansion while the richest and most sophisticated nations are desperately craving on bended knees and pathetically falling prey rapidly, with unbelievable, unimaginably and astronomical numbers of deaths and hundreds of thousands of affected victims of the scourge of COVID-19 Pandemic; and even seeking and soliciting professional cooperation to thwart the menace; the fear-choked heavyweights of the Executive Mansion are blatantly rejecting a volunteering offer from one of the world’s most renowned  and accomplished medical scientists (and a Liberian at that rate), Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan to join in the fight against the global enemy, is not only a demon-driven-imposed crisis on the already vulnerable people of Liberia, but a total wickedness to their survivability by the reluctance shown by the political leaders who chant day and night about how much they love the people and care so much about their health and wellbeing.


Who is grotesquely championing the demonstrated satanic mentality of bottleneck at the Executive Mansion when the threat of Coronavirus is dreadfully deadly and real which requires collective involvement of all its citizens especially those with medical expertise including friendly peoples and countries to quell its infestation, now chronically depopulating the world’s human resource reservoir.

Here is a vivid and shocking case in point. Imagine, most privileged Liberians upon the slightest pain or fever, are well on their way to Ghana for treatment because of the poor and very bad shape compounded with vicious odds plaguing all the nation’s healthcare facilitates; paradoxically, the very Ghana so trusted medically by most Liberians, hosted a fantastic health meeting with Dr. Nyan being invited to speak at that auspicious occasion.

This very astute Liberian medical expert proudly welcomed to ‘that Ghana’ to share medical knowledge with practicing fellow medical personalities, is being blatantly cold-shouldered by top movers and shakers in the Executive Mansion.

In communication addressed to Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel F. McGill dated on April 25, 2021 from Dr. Nyan, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer (CMSO) Laboratory of Emerging Pathogens Dept. of Molecular pathogens Diagnostics, Shufflex Biomed, LDC (USA-LIB-RW); a volunteering offer was made without any response from the Minister up to present.

But before Minister McGill was forwarded copy of such communication dated April 25, 2021, President George M. Weah was earlier communicated to (with same content) which was dated April 7, 2021. The communication stated “accept my profound compliment as we collectively work to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic around the world. Since the outbreak of the SARS-COV-2 in December 209, the entire world has been confronted with numerous challenges that are material and human in nature,”

The communication continues: “This has generated the need to mobilize the requisite human expertise and material resources that will enable our countries to successfully defeat the Pandemic. At this stage of the Pandemic response, I humbly submit to volunteering my expertise in helping with the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme in Liberia”.

Concluding, the Liberian Scientist added: “I will be in West Africa around 20th April 2021 to speak at 7th  Celebrate LAB meeting 2021 to be held In Accra, Ghana here medical Laboratory Scientists, Medical Doctors and other healthcare professionals will begathering. I will appreciate your response to my Volunteering offer so that I can properly arrange my travel to Liberia after the Accra meeting and determine the duration of my stay in Liberia. I look forward to hearing from you soon”.

Is Dr. Nyan’s professional Volunteering offer to battle COVID-19 in Liberia which is most needed by the people and by extension, the country, inimical to the health need of the citizens that the Executive Mansion is blatantly rejecting Dr. Nyan’s Volunteering offer which is very troubling? What is happening to the political will power and who and why the offer is being put on the backburner and has now slipped into a coma?

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