Beacon Of Progress: Scientist Bode Shobayo’s Success Story


Despite being her grossly neglected and politically sole responsibility to ensure that Liberians are provided the most denied competitive quality education imbued with diverse components with well-rounded dimensions to be attractive to the global markets; wherein Liberians will be among those pretty seated in the highest echelon, when the world is prestigiously and proudly parading and honoring (such) the most accomplished  and enterprising personalities the world looks up to as the cookie-cutters; instead she dubbed the nation’s education system under her consecutively 12-year administration as messy,; surely, and indeed the classification did speak volume.

In spite of proving her own education policy bankrupted by virtue of not investing massively in the system on the home front, and  by extension, intensified its tentacles (the brightest ones) abroad to vigorously and robustly engage in various areas of the sciences, engineering, medicines and technologies just to cite a few, that are in touch with perpetual and sustainable growth and development both in the human-resource base, and infrastructural-wise coupled with other very important and essential components of professional disciplines; instead, former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf elected to cherry-pick regarding those to faintly benefit from such cardinal opportunity aboard.

Make no mistake, the height by which great individuals reached  and kept was not obtained by sudden flight; it took profound sacrifices and precious time, for while the pleasure units were capitalizing on the beauty of merrymaking, the studious individuals were out in the thickest of the night, burning the last oil  as advantageous lubricant  in their preparation to brace the future with resounding success, and glaringly so, the dividend today is paying off fantastically with worthwhile reliability and trustworthiness of which a resourceful character in person of Bode Ireti Shobayo,  one of Liberia’s finest Scientists, has added to the projection of the glorification of Liberia’s standing in the comity of nations.

Glaringly certain, of which the whole world knows and can attest to that unique and most distinguished people like Scientist Shobayo  do not grow on trees; and as Deputy Director for Research at the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) has become a beacon of progress, so… true, and indeed, a success story of Scientist Shobayo, is not only glowing marvelously, but is also serving magnificently as an inspiring motivational driving engine for would-be home-grown potential experts in variety  of widely acclaimed disciplines.

Touching on the kudos of this time-tested and function proven with positive reflection personality, and a medical and public health research Scientist and a pride of Liberia, eloquently graced with innovation and accomplishments, based on hard work with capabilities in both management and implementation of research as it relates to infectious diseases; today deserves a 21-gun salute including unfolding the red carpet of honor for him to walk on with dignity.

He has played leadership roles in creating, conducting, communicating and coordinating public health and medical/clinical research projects in addition to technical laboratory response roles played during the Ebola and ongoing Covid 19 outbreaks.

The Deputy Director for Research noted that he has served as a research and laboratory scientist on several projects ranging from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) to pathogen discovery. ‘I also have appreciable leadership experience which I have acquired while serving as the Deputy Director for Research at the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL).”

“In this position, I have been involved with coordinating and providing leadership to a team research scientists in various fields related to emerging pathogens and common diseases affecting Liberia. My work also involves identifying opportunities for research funding and partnerships and co-facilitating research partners’ coordination”, he maintains.

This great young Scientist with a great mind, heart and fantastic vision to elevate Liberians to greatness academically, independent minds and the realization of well-earned ”livelihood” predicated on applied innovation  with refined knowledge as the common denominator, has clearly demonstrated by example, this commitment through dedication to duty, the devotion to rendering genuine services to preparing the younger generation  for future challenges aligned with  progress and astuteness.

Commending him greatly for making the list of Liberian Scientists much longer, pundits in high gear have also extolled his brilliance and pray that Shobayo’s presence in the rank and file of other Liberian accomplished professional characters including the likes of Scientist, Dr. Chris Dougbeh Nyan, who are collectively keeping the star of their nation beaming alive, kicking and accorded the most respected international honor for its (Liberia’s) image. One thing we will forever cherish, and always hold dear is, the Deputy Director for Research at National Public Health Institute of Liberia, Scientist Bode Ireti Shobayo has become the pride of Liberia like other accomplished Liberians.

-Writes GDJ                       

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