Barbaric and Savagery Bravado – The Leader of OPRM Calls Police Attacks on Anti-Rape Protesters

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The head of the One People Revolutionary Movement is deeply saddened by the savagery bravado of state security whom under the direct instruction of President Weah, has inflicted wounds on peaceful women who have gone in multitude to protest and standout against rape that is rapidly increasing at a geometric progression in our country. Mr Robert Kpadeh noted that rape has grown at the zenith in our society. It has been clearly noted that in less than a month, the country has registered over 850 rape cases just in Monrovia alone, least to talk about the entire country.

But today, it was a dramatic scene at Capitol Hill and Sinkor between peaceful protesters and armed police officers. It is so saddened that Weah who professes to be a feminist-in-chief will elect to instruct his police banditry and thugs to inflict immeasurable cruelty against our sisters and mothers who have gone in efforts to detest men’s attitude to damage their virginities and health, Kpadeh asserted. It is no joke that the state is collapsing and falling under Weah who has no remedies to address the myriad of societal ills but found delight in resorting to police banditry and lawlessness in order to restore kind and civility in our country.

Like Gen. Kpadeh has opined, many Liberians, especially women, believe like former President Sirleaf did today, Weah would have shown up as feminist-in-chief to receive the petition from our sisters and mothers who have gone to protest the barbaric cruelty inflicted against them by men. But sadly, Weah and his CDC who have known no other way to amicably resolve societal menaces order than thuggery, aggression, brutality and bloodbath have chosen to unleash causalities on peaceful Liberian girls and women. The head of the One People Revolutionary Movement wonders who is actually advising the President.

Our country has gone too far for us to derail the gains that we have scored coming from years of carnage, the head of OPRM noted. Gen. Kpadeh has also reminded us from today’s scene that one of the pillars which were advanced by President Weah in his so-called Pro-poor Agenda was the sustenance of the peace which he promised. But sadly disgusting, President Weah has zero intension to maintain our hard-won peace, Robert opined. Yes, we believe that any president who claims to be feminist-in-chief will stand at all-time ready to advance women’s causes in the home soil. But in honest, let the incredible truth be told that the self-styled feminist-in-chief is a gender-based violent perpetrator contrary to what he calls himself. We are not impervious to Weah’s abuse of young girls and women in our country, neither are we surprised by his careless lack of support to women he had children by out of wedlock. We witnessed with our eyes when Weah was dragged to court by one of his many concubines in the USA for lack of child support. Weah as an unfaithful married man has always been exploiting young girls and abusing their virginities for opportunity and unfortunately letting them down in most instances. We are inclined to Weah’s immoral conduct in the public space that is why we were not perturbed when his own party’s chairman, Mulbah Morlu, eloquently accentuated in a leaked audio recording that he sleeps with young girls in exchange for jobs in government.

Truly, the leader of the One People Revolutionary Movement, Robert Moncio Decontee Wilmot Yeani Kpadeh, was in no way taken by surprise when the coconut head and gender-based violent perpetrator of a President today unleashed brutal attacks and mayhems on Liberian women who gathered to strongly condemn and detest the wonton attack on their virginities by their male counterparts.

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