Back-off! -And Keep Out Of Gd. Cape Mount Politics Says Watson; As The Row Rages; Embattled Watson Lashes Sen Snowe; While Snowe Scolds Watson As The Shortest Serving Senator

While the National Election Commission (NEC) has declared Simoen Taylor winner of the December 8, 2020 senatorial election held in Grand Cape Mount County; and with the row now between the declared defeated Victor Watson and Bomi’s newly elected Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe; it is known that Snowe’s involvement into the election crisis is getting deeper and turning grim between the two actors.

Snowe who was told to back-off and keep away from Grand Cape Mount County’s politics by the proclaimed defeated incumbent, Mr. Victor Watson lashed out at Snowe for intruding; upon being told by Snowe to accept his defeat, allow democracy to function, give Taylor a chance to take his seat at the Legislature and start to do the people’s work, also charged back by calling the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)-backed Watson as the shortest serving senator.

As the row heats up, Watson informed Snowe to observe his limit as Senator despite being an international parliamentarian, he’s a sycophant, and is doing everything to be President George M. Weal’s vice president in the next election, was rubbished by Snowe who noted that he has not met nor disused anything about being Weah’s running mate, and also added that he will not keep out of Grand Cape Mount’s politics because he was born in Mano River which is located in the county (Grand Cape Mount)

According to him, in a telephone response to Watson’s claim on the Spoon Radio in Monrovia that while he is an elected Senator of Bomi County, he also remains Senator of Liberia.

It can be recalled when a local daily reported that amidst prolong hearings into allegation of electoral fraud that emanated from the December 8, 2021 senatorial election in Grand Cape Mount County, the National Elections Commission (NEC) has finally ruled in favor of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) Candidate, Simeon Taylor as winner of the election.

In his ruling on Friday, the NEC Hearing Officer, Atty. Fumba Swaray indicated that appellant Victor Watson of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) failed to provide evidence of allegations made against Taylor, and as a such, the result of the December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election is sustained.

Since the election, the county has been underrepresented, with one Senator being left out due to the complaint filed by outgoing and Senator Watson to NEC.

In his complaint, Watson alleged that Senator- elect, Taylor, along with his family (all eligible voters) registered and voted in his favor.

However, the NEC, in its investigation, revisited Grand Cape Mount election manifest and the Final Voter Roll but could not find anything backing Watson’s claims. The NEC reaffirmed Simeon’s overwhelming victory for the second time on grounds that the allegations lacked merit and substance to overturn the results of the election, something which provoked the appellant to have taken an appeal to the Supreme Court through his legal team headed by Cllr. Swaliho Sesay to the supreme Court.

During the hearings of the appeal by the Supreme Court, it was mandated that NEC reconvene and exercise complete due-diligent into Watson’s allegation, said was adhered to by NEC and the hearing officer, again, took jurisdiction of the situation and has finally ruled in the matter.

Hearing Officer Swaray in his July 2 judgement said the NEC has conducted a thorough investigation as mandated by the Supreme Court in its judgment of April 22, 2021, and “The investigation did not unearth any evidence to prove the allegation of pre marked ballot, stopping of pool watchers from entering polling places, forging of poll watchers’ signature on the record of the count, that Simeon Taylor registered twice and voted twice for the 2020 Special Senatorial Election, that persons accused of being family members of Simeon Taylor registered more than once and voted more than once in District #1, and as such, this hearing finds it fit to reaffirm Simeon Taylor as winner of the

Election an assault democratic values

At the same time, from a post on his official Facebook page on Tuesday, December 15,lawmaker Watson(before the election) stated that though he remains a strong supporter of democracy, in Gola Konneh and other parts of district #1(one) in Grand Cape Mount, “individuals were allowed to vote two to four times impacting the integrity of the people’s decision”.Watson also noted that as a result of the situation, he has filed a legal action against the process.

Based on that Watson added that his team of lawyers upon cogent evidence available and advice, “we have mandated them (lawyers) to file an affidavit claiming statistical irregularities and electoral fraud”.

He said the “statistical anomalies can suggest that an audit of such fraud must be reviewed, votes recount mandated”, adding that, “there are absolutely enough “irregularities which prove massive voter fraud”.

“We’ve witnessed illegal counting procedures, violation of voting rules, harassment and intimidation of our poll workers. These irregularities and anomalies, statistical evidence are available, as a testament to that our representatives were intimidated and didn’t sign the record of count.

This election is an assault on our democratic values”, Watson maintains..


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