Audit MOH, Others

Following registered regrets and disappointments in the manner and form in which George M. Weah’s government operates, wherein those responsible to conduct some activities are not mindful to submit to the principle of transparency and accountability, have now triggered an outcry for such institutions to be audited.

In a survey carried out by this medium over the weekend, a massive demand for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and its entire COVID‘s team be thoroughly audited to establish  the utilization of donated fund, drugs and other medical facilities to assist the fight against the raging pandemic.

Most people interviewed expressed total regret and disappointment regarding the miscalculation of the management of the vaccines donated to the country with one set of people takin the first and cannot take the second, while others have not taken any of the vaccine when Minister Wilhelmina Jallah abruptly announced that the COVID’s vaccines are no longer available, and as government awaits some consignment of donation from abroad, those who received he first and waiting for the second including those who have not had the first to begin with, will have to wait for the arrival of the next supply.

According to them, had the component of the Ministry, mainly the COVID Management done its homework professionally, the abrupt announcement would not have taken so many vaccine seekers by a breezy surprise; as some who took the first vaccine were already complaining of side effect and wondered what would become of them in the absence of the second that is not in the country.

They pointed out that if the audit is thoroughly conducted and result published, it would help the Ministry to see and know its pitfall and come to term with developments, and move forward with renew zeal to avoid the mistakes that have people screaming and wailing with uncertainty.

They also noted that the audit will make those challenged to be duty-bound, and ensure that the Coronavirus is not handled lightly, but that every measure will be adopted to eradicate miscalculation and incomplete distribution of the vaccines with some being half served and others being left out completely. They uged the government to reprimand those singled out by the audit through the rul of law.

Others expressed frustration in the method used by this government which has no interest in check-and-balance. They also requested that a comprehensive audit be conducted to ascertain what became of the US$3 million from President Weah to small Liberian businesses to beef up their financial capability and capacity in their respective ventures.

The amount was expected from theLiberia Bank of Development and Investment (LBDI) with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under former Minister Wilson Tarpeh,

Charged to oversee the process which according of them, (Small business people) did not accrue its required target and goal; and to properly understand what went wrong and why the fund did not reach the people targeted; and that when the audit is conducted, mist be published for the pubic to be informed of the missteps, and culprits be punished in keeping with the due process.

Another group raised the concern of the operation of the Presidential team empowered to retrieve all government’s vehicles used by former officials and refused to turn them over, must also be audited to establish what went wrong with the operations, how many government’s vehicles were retrieved, in keeping with their official list, how many vehicles were not and could not be retrieved and why?

Also, the last group insists on the stimulus package and its implementers be audited since the process left behind heart break saddled with sad story, as, according to that group, while the pandemic lockdown package netting more than US$30 million did not meet the purpose for which it was envisaged, and dispite as such, a thorough audit will not be swept under the rug rather be conducted and published for the public to realize why it ended the way it did.

They all are wondering if these mentioned audits are not conducted and made public, to avoid harbored doubts and suspicions, then it would appear that the government finds pleasure in working in secrecy.

-Writes GDJ

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