Atty. Jackson Detests Ploy to Remove Zargo – Blasts Nyonblee, Bility and Others

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

Liberia’s permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation and former Political Officer of Liberty Party, Atty. Isaac W. Jackson has blasted Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Musa Bility and cohorts for leading dirty ploy to remove Sen. Steve Zargo as Chairman of the Liberty Party. Atty. Jackson further accused Bility of openly supporting the “Frankenstein” that allegedly engineered the removal of his Mandingo brother, His Honor Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh from the Supreme Court Bench. The tough-talking Atty. Jackson stressed that if Liberia were not low on moral courage, Musa Bility by now will bow his head in shame and disgrace, instead of passing around shamelessly and moaning about Chairman Steve Zargo.

“I admire Justice Ja’neh as a big brother and was in great pain when he was removed from the Bench. Hence, if Musa Bility had any scintilla of intelligence and conscience, he would earnestly be seeking our forgiveness rather than indulging in the chicanery of scapegoating others”, Atty. Jackson noted.

Moreover, Atty. Jackson has accused Musa Bility and others of supporting Weah’s CDC against Cllr. Brumskine’s advice, especially when the party had detested the credibility and transparency of the results of the elections before the Supreme Court.

It can be recalled in 2017 when the Liberty Party filed a complaint before the high court questioning and terming the results of the elections announced by the National Elections Commission as fraudulent and a one marred with irregularities, Musa Bility, then-campaign manager LP and his cohorts operating under the cover of darkness extorted money from Weah’s CDC and pledged their support to CDC in absolute disregard of the party’s legal stance. Yet, this on the party of Musa Bility and his counterparts was a quintessential display of institutional indiscipline and disloyalty to its peak. It is so sad that in politics, for Liberia, politicians do not stand for any principles or issues but all they stand for is their bellies and business interests. In Liberian politics, Musa and his henchmen, are like political moonlighting – they pendulum from one point to the other like political hydras somersaulting positions on issues not on the basis of any ethos and ideological ideals but anchored on belly infrastructure. This has been the very nature of the Liberian polity for which national growth and stability are highly realised in practical terms. These men with zero principles on issues have existed from one administration to the other and will continue to proliferate until the world can come to an end. But until we can purify our politics by getting rid of these gluttony and overeating political elites, our society will continue to be rotten and infested with virus – even deadlier than Ebola or the Spanish fluid that killed millions of people in a year. While thousands of our compatriots are dying every year without realisation of their dreams and aspirations of a better livelihood, these politicians and capitalists continue to bash in unmerited and ill-gotten wealth. Musa Bility is one whose name is likened to tax evasion and corruption in Liberia. He has not been freed of any deadly corrupt practices as well as undercover political manoeuvrings and gerrymandering. It came by no surprise to us when his ambition to contest the FIFA’s presidency was rejected by the body that oversees the elections accusing him of having integrity deficit and character liability. Musa Bility epitomises indecency, dishonesty, disloyalty, moral bankruptcy, corruption, egotism and bigotry.

But speaking through a social media post, Atty. Jackson said if Musa Bility is genuinely displeased about Justice Ja’neh’s removal from the Supreme Court Bench, he Bility should use ALCOP as a vessel since, in fact, he’s a founding member of ALCOP or the Mandingo Caucus as the political vehicle to avenge Ja’neh’s removal; not Liberty Party.

According to Jackson, he further noted that Liberty Party will remain a peaceful Party and will resist any attempt at fermenting trouble within the Party’s hierarchy.

“By way of digression: On Tuesday, 11 August 2020, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence ran away from the Friends of Brumskine (FOB) Chat Room as a result of a searching question I posed to her. Quite frankly, I am still baffled at Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence’s boneheaded refusal to foresee and understand that installing some of these fellows at the helm of power in Liberty Party would undermine the foundations of Brumskine’s legacy and diminish public trust and confidence in the Party”, Jackson pointed out.

Atty. Jackson also mentioned very strongly that he has always been a passionate founding member of Liberty Party, and will not give-up that passion now or ever. He said they have struggled to lay the foundation stones of Liberty Party and pray that throughout their days, this public shame will not befall their great Party of INTEGRITY. Lastly, Atty. Jackson called on all passionate Liberty partisans to stand against the chicanery that is being hatched by Musa Bility and Nyonblee.

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