As Recently Printed 4 Billion Disappeared; 54th Legislature to Lend its Approbation to the Executive to Print Additional Billions New Banknotes

L$4 BILLION stunningly disappears in one month. We only heard that this volume of money was printed and brought into the country but interestingly, however, didn’t see it on the market neither did the commercial banks pay it to customers.

Very intriguing, isn’t it? Even more disconcerting is the hints we are getting from reliable sources that the worthless, spineless, corrupt and dishonourable 54th legislature is negotiating another approval or approbation to the rogue Executive of crooked George Weah to print additional billions of Liberian dollars to be dashed to the sleazy hands of these gluttons. Where is the $4 billion which has mysteriously vanished should be the concern of the legislature, but as a disreputable bootlicking Legislature that more often than not connives and colludes with Weah’s rogue Executive, it’s certainly not bothered about how the $4b was pillaged away insofar lawmakers got their share of the loot?

A fortnight ago, the Central Bank Governor J. Aloysius Tarlue loudly averred that the L$4b was inadequate to service the Liberian market but markedly fell short of explaining to the public how the money was used—when in fact the Liberian people didn’t see the newly printed $500 banknotes, anyway. What manner of country is Liberia? The shenanigans, mischiefs and fooleries that often happen in this domicile of a country can never happen elsewhere especially in such a new age. L$18b vanished. US$25m for mop-up exercise plundered and pillaged. $25m earmarked as stimulus package dangle in fiasco and believed to have landed in the pockets of state officials. 4,250 Liberian diplomatic passports sold to drug lords and terrorist rings. Procurement laws flaunted and violated. Laws of the republic flagrantly violated by Mr George Weah and his adherents. Millions of dollars meant for the COVID#19 pandemic reportedly stolen. Corruption, impunity, cronyism, partisanship, incompetence, sycophancy, tribalism, regionalism, division, marginalization are all normalized under the rule of Mr George Weah. Despicable. Disgraceful. Disconcerting. Debauchery. Dissonance. Travesty.

In the face of these repeated and eventuated thieveries and brazing anomalies, the Liberian people who ultimately are the sore victims, remain passive, timid and mute. The Civil Society bloc is no longer aggressive as it once was. The Religious Council has lost its grasp and is marred by both internal squabbles and vivid contradictions. The opposition parties and their leaders who are seeking power don’t seem to have the bravery, stone and the fury to stand up and fiercely resist Weah’s dreadful misrule. No blood in the eyes of the opposition leaders, I should say, which means in the dialectics, they are not angry with the horrifying misrule their country and people have been subjected to. The few persons who have the courage, anger and fire in their bellies to take on Weah and his kingdom of thieves and evil machinery appear to be ignored and in some instances resisted by some absurd elements within the very opposition community for parochial reasons.

So, it seems, from all indications, Liberia is being left to these hawkish economic vampires and bloodsucking demons at the helm to devour while the struggling and unsuspecting masses are being subjected to further socioeconomic misery and despair. May the true revolutionaries of the homeland align and fight for their homeland and countrymen.

Now is the winter of our discontent! So it goes…

By Robert Moncio Kpadeh

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