As Mr. Nyenswah Killed Over Damning Audit Report of Covid-19 Funds – Killers Behind His Death Exposed

Julius T. Jaesen, II

October 12, 2020: Monrovia Liberia: As the government of President Manneh Weah struggles to address the manifest sociopolitical and economic maladies it is confronted with and deal with the ghost of corruption in the public bureaucracy, the country is tragically witnessing mysterious deaths of prominent officials – all of whom by coincidence are auditors at two of government’s agencies.

In not more than ten days ago, the nation woke up to the shocking news of the death of two senior auditors at the Liberia Revenue Authority, Mrs Gifty Asmah Lama and Mr Albert Peters, who were found dead on early Monday morning in two cars on Broad Street, Snapper Hill in Monrovia near the Sacred Heart Cathedral. But interestingly, while the police have launched an investigation to establish the actual cause of the death of both Albert and Gifty, another auditor believed to be an employee of the same Liberia Revenue Authority died in a tragic motor accident, an accident political pundits believe to be staged. It is assumed that Mr Fahnboto was killed by an unknown bike rider with a sharp instrument pierced into his head and the assassin ran away while the deceased car ran into another car.

Not so enough, while the families of the three deceased auditors are painfully grieving for their relatives who died under strange circumstances, the nation sadly woke up for the third times on Saturday, October 10, 2020, early morning with another grief-stricken and devastating news of the death of the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Mr Emmanuel Barten Nyenswah, who was found lying dead in his compound in the 72nd Boulevard community after attending a party with a few others. Initially, it was reported that Mr Nyenswah felt from upstairs in his compound and was later rushed at a hospital and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Notwithstanding, Parrot has gathered information from a credible source that Mr Nyenswah was murdered by hired assassins after attending a gathering by 1:00 AM. According to our source, Mr Nyenswah had recently concluded audit on the funds that were used to combat the coronavirus pandemic and presented a draft to the Ministry of Health and all others who were appointed on the Incident Management System that included the Health Minister, Dr Wilhelmina Jallah as Head of IMS, Dr Francis Kateh, Co-chair, Fidel Wiah, IMS Chair on Finance, Atty. Jlateh Saryon Sr, Controller, Ministry of Health, Norwu Howard, Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Health, Mary T. Broh, Finda Bondo, Samuel Tweah, Lenn Eugene Nagba, and others for their responses before the final audit report can be released and made public.

Interesting, Parrot Newspaper has been reliably informed that top government’s officials led by Minister Tweah were in talks with the deceased Director-General of the IAA to conceal the audit report but Mr Nyenswah declined on grounds that a bulk of the money under audit is donors’ money and he didn’t want to have his reputation tainted with Washington, considering that almost his entire family is living in the US. However, predicated upon his resistance to conceal the audit report and get for himself over 250k USD of the same funds under audit, he was murdered early Saturday morning by hired assassins believed to be paid by the Incident Management System through the instrumentality of Min. Tweah.

Parrot has reliably learnt that the money in question that was squandered by Samuel Tweah, Nathaniel McGill, Dr Jallah, Mary T. Broh and the Incident Management System was in the sum of 49 million US dollars – which they have all struggled, especially Min. Tweah to conceal the audit report after the draft was given to them for their official responses.

Sources very close to the President has hinted Parrot that upon seeing the audit report last night, Pres. Weah was seen in an angry mood pissed off with all those who are linked to the report. Moreover, we are told that President Weah benefitted from some of the funds that were intended to fight Covid-19 but were not a huge sum of money as compared to what Tweah and his accomplices ate.


It is reported that Minister Tweah has bought million dollars house in Ivory Coast and has sent his family to live there and attend the best of international schools while the children of the poor sit home with no hope for the future.

But it seems that Weah’s eyes are gradually opening to the wholesale looting of the country’s coffers by Tweah and Mcgill and is afraid that when things break loose in the country, Samuel Tweah, Nat McGill and others will be on the next flight running away while he Weah life will be made to pay for the colossal plunder and looting of our country.


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