As Bility’s Chairmanship Comes Under Wave of Criticism – LP’s Founding Members Call on him to Relinquish Chairmanship

By Parrot News Desk 

Monrovia, February 4, 2021: The Leadership of the Friends of Brumskine (FOB), and Founding Executive Members of Liberty Party have described the outcome of the just-ended Liberty Party Special Convention as undemocratic and a total letdown for Liberia’s fight against corruption.

The FOB Leaders noted that the decision to allow Mr. Musa Bility ascend to the chairmanship of the Liberty Party considering his myriad involvement in corruption scandals locally and internationally, speaks to the leadership malaise that currently pervades the party.

In a statement released in Monrovia, the FOB and Liberty Party founding members also noted that the pre-packaged nature of the activities leading to the Party’s Special Convention was not only inimical to the tenets of internal democracy but dishonored the venerated memory of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, who took a personal risk in his quest for good governance and a corruption-free Liberia. Therefore, the group calls on Musa Bility to rescind and relinquish the chairmanship of the Party to former Margibi County Senator Clarice Davis Jah, as a way of salvaging the Party’s image; maintaining the enduring legacy of Cllr. Brumskine as well as promoting peace and reconciliation within the rank and file of the Party.

The release also said that Madam Clarice Davis Jah as Acting Chair will administer the affairs of the party, while modalities are being worked up for an extraordinary session to elect a suitable candidate with morally acceptable CV in society as Chair de jure of the Party.

According to the group, Musa Bility’s involvement with many corruption scandals, ranging from the RIA Economic Sabotage and Criminal Conspiracy Case; Tax Evasion; 27 million dollars Road Fund debacle and the widely publicized FIFA ban from football because of his involvement in corruption renders him unfit to Chair Liberty Party; until he clears his name from the myriad of corruption; adding that Liberty Party has over the years situated itself as an institutional pillar for integrity in Liberia.

“Mr. Bility’s assertions carried in the Liberian media in which he bragged that he bankrolled executive members of Liberty Party by buying them cars have not helped the suspicions of corruption that marred his ascendency to the party’s leadership”, the group observed. At the same time, the group is warning against the use of dark money to influence national politics.

The group further stated that as they embark upon the journey to restore credibility to the Party, heal the “bad blood” and reconcile the rank and file of the party, they wish to call on the general public, especially foreign diplomats not to do official business in the name of Liberty Party with Mr. Musa Bility.

“We have taken this corrective action amidst the avalanche of public criticism against Mr. Bility regarding his checkered history, in the hope of restoring credibility to the party as well as maintaining the support of the masses”, the release concluded.

Issued by

1. Aruna Fallah Bishop J. Lemuel Gbadyu

Founding Chairman Founding Co-Chairman

Mobile# +22675656498 Mobile#+16093051242

2. Isaac W. Jackson, Jr.

Founding Spokesperson

Mobile# +447448587912


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