Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis, How We Wish You Were Here—A Tribute

In turbulent times like these, men of conscience and avid readers of history reminiscence on special and telling eras, watershed moments, and the great people who blazed the trail and performed wonders etched in the pages of history books. For over one week now, I have been reflecting on your impactful life, extraordinary works, and unmatched heroism, our best Hero Archbishop Michael Kpakala Francis.
You were a revolutionary extraordinaire, a prelate of mor ethos and conscience, and a fearless bulwark of social justice who defied all odds in your daring and selfless advocacy for social justice, equality, and good governance. Even in death, you unquestionably remain the “Summum Bonum” of ‘Liberation Theology’ in the domicile of Liberia. You were no doubt a man larger than life, bigger than fear, and adorned in the heart and righteous like a Saint.
I know you are gazing at Liberia from the mountaintop, painstakingly wailing, and rolling in the Bosom of the Almighty Deity with fury for the scale of misgovernance and other aberrations that have absorbed your beloved homeland (Liberia) under the watch of these callous and reckless buccaneers at the helm.
Avowed Catholic. Compassionate man of God. Great teacher. Selfless Leader. Proudly revered within the Phantom of Catholic Archbishops across the world. Etched in the memory of the Vatican as a Hero of Humanity and Crusader of Social justice. We miss you dearly. Liberia yarns for your reincarnation. Our homeland is subjected to infamy. Your people are grieving and reeling from misrule. Oh, how we wish you were still here as that powerful Archbishop who for many decades courageously fired the whims of our homeland. We hope another Bishop, Pastor, or Imam would’ve risen and continued your grandeur pilgrimage of spiritual salvation, social justice, and good governance, but sadly, to no avail. We are broken. Indeed, we wish you were here.
Chapeau for all you did for our homeland. Your LEGACY remains a burning flame in our hearts. Nonetheless, IT IS NOT UHURU YET, Comrade Leader and Archbishop MKF. REST IN POWER. SALUTE!
By Robert Moncio Kpadeh

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