Any Attempt! -Make No Mistake; And Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking

Amidst the political chicanery in bed with treacherous stunts to cow the breakaway Unity Party (UP) from the badly fragmented Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) based on mistrust and confidence crisis over a declared controversial clause which is debatable  and bordered on denial and reported fact, the Standard Bearer of the UP, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has vowed that any attempt to exclude the Unity Party from its legitimate and constitutional rights to contest as a registered political party, will be a direct infringement of the political participation of hundreds of thousands of Liberian voters who will be disenfranchised, gullible, and subsequently exposed to matters that could have national security concerns.

The UP political leader sends a clarion call to the National Elections Commission with the expectation that the NEC will do the right thing saying, “Let me again state categorically, that there will be no final listing from the Elections Commission published for the Lofa County by-election senatorial race that will not have the name of the Unity Party Candidate, and thus I must repeat that we expect the NEC to do the right thing.”

He furthered that NEC was set up to do the right thing and to avoid election chaos at all times.

“Let me say this in the strongest of words that I remain resolute on my unflinching commitment to the people of Lofa, UP partisans, and supporters around the country and the Diaspora, that as your leader and torchbearer I am sufficiently prepared and will do all within my means to ensure that not one Lofa citizen will again be disrespected and disenfranchised under my leadership during this 2022 by-election Lofa senatorial race.”

Amb. Boakai also indicated that the wrongs they are fighting to correct in Lofa will not also be accepted in any other political subdivision in Liberia.

Former Vice President and the current Standard Bearer of Unity Party, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai emphasize that the Unity Party and people of Lofa have had enough, and will not continue to accept being insulted, disrespected, and disenfranchised by the Weah government

Make no mistake, he sounded that “our position taken in the disenfranchisement of Lofa citizens in the case of Senator-elect Brownie Samukai, was not from a position of weakness”, Boakai added.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) of Liberia under the leadership of Mrs. Davidetta Browne-Lansanah, of late released the Lofa County’s senatorial by-election Race Provisional List, but the name of the UP candidate, Mr. Galakpai W. Kortimai, is not among those being cleared as one of the Provisional Aspirants, though he met all requirements provided under the election’s laws and Constitution.

Unity Party through its political leader, Joseph Nyuma Boakai says, they take serious note of the reason given by the NEC and following very keenly and critically the activities of the ongoing hearings at the NEC Headquarters.

Bility’s Poisonous Ploy

Having blatantly shackled, shattered and debased the leadership of structure of the now politically-troubled Liberty Party (LP) with “political mines” and a mission man angrily inflamed with the poisonous pill of elimination of political opponents as 2023 drags in with the presidential and general elections; the most wanted to be politically eliminated from the 2023 presidential election is former Unity Party (UP) Vice President and now Standard Bearer of UP, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai who must  be neutralized  and remain wallowing in the political wilderness as 2023 does not incorporate his full and legitimate participation, since it is glaring that 2023 does not also have the luxury of time, moreover to lavish

The Ploy

Clanging vehemently onto the ploy most denied controversial clause by the UP, LP and All Liberia Party (ALP) all of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) the framework saddled with reportedly inserted controversial clause by the then administration of the CPP, the Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of which he (Cummings) rejected such claims of tampering with the CPP’s framework document under his watch at the time of which the ALP took another turn, has now landed in the court; with mission man, also Chairman of the LP, MR. Musa H. Bility has vowed to stop Cummings from further appearing in court if Dr. Boakai does not also appear in court too to testify in the ongoing framework document allegedly tampered with.

Dubbed by pundits as the ‘political Frankenstein’ of the LP, in that those the likes of Senator Abraham D. Dillon who played a pivotal role to make him (Bility) Chairman of the party; later suspended them (Dillon, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence and others) from their respective positions for failing to pay their dues to the party, and is now the acting political leader of the fractured LP;   and having equally slammed Dillon in court for US$1m lawsuit for damage-for without cogent evidence, called him a  criminal; Bility insists that UP abides by the controversial clause in the contested framework and do what is required of him (Boakai) and the party (UP), if they intend to quit the CPP and engage the elections of 2023.

Bility told the SPOON TALK SHOW on Thursday, April 21, 2022 that will hang on to that clause (controversial)  that says no collaborating party that leaves the CPP without adhering to the prescribed stipulation enshrined therein will not be allowed to feed any candidate or take part in the 2023 elections, adding that this is the law and all must respect it, despite of status, fame or influence; the law must be respected by all without exception, adding,  if Cummings can go to court, Boakai too must also respect the same law from the court and show up to testify as requested by the very court.

Unleashing phase one of the litmus test, Bility, having inched with some hope from the National elections Commission (NEC) with the photo of UP’s senatorial Canadice’s being exclusively placed in a corner outside the official lineup of the rest of the qualified and NEC approved candidates for the Lofa race; something became displeasing to the UP, Boakai, all partisans and supporters. Again, if mission man Bility gets his way through the elimination politically, of UP’s Lofa senatorial candidate from the race, then obviously, then Dr. Boakai is doomed for 2023, because as the saying goes, as the king went away, the queen follows, and that will  then be a done deal.

-Writes GDJ

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