Another Scandal…

By Moncio Robert Wilmot Decontee Yeani Kpadeh

The Liberian Senate is yet again challenged to prove itself worthy of the public confidence. Can it muster the courage to investigate this criminal ploy to defraud the country yet again…allegedly by one of its own, Senator Peter Coleman? The text message hereunder is attributed to Senator Coleman of Grand Kru county, in which he is instructing the stealing of state funds earmarked for public health — amid a ravaging killer pandemic and streams of constraints confronting the health sector, to include, lack of adequate drugs and medical equipment at hospitals and clinics.“Good Morning Jlayteh there have been some changes due to pressure from the IMF. As a result of this only 2M for hazard pay and an additional 1M for additional goods and services. So need to do some changes to our previous arrangement. So US$ 200k from the US$1M to be set aside for us to share. Please inform your boss. So another letter requesting the 200k needs to be sent to the MFDP (Ministry of Finance and Development Planning).” – The Message Purportedly Sent by Senator Peter Coleman to Mr. Jylateh Sayon, Comptroller, MOH

I cannot fathom how these guys would derive the blatant audacity to steal limited Health fund amid ongoing protest by healthcare workers against low salary incentives and benefits for nurses, doctors et al and the hullabaloo of hazard payment to healthcare workers who are courageously facing off the Covid#19 pandemic, at the peril of their precious lives. What manner of wickedness is this? How notoriously greedy can these people be? This is downright wrong and must be investigated and a proportional punitive action is taken.
No doubt, Liberia is enduring its saddest and painful era. Officialdom is marred by colossal graft and theft and other forms of venality. A bunch of bloody rogues has hijacked the nation with repeated horrifying and disconcerting scandals obtaining under George Weah, the CHIEF PRIEST of Public Theft. The panic of mysterious killings of eminent individuals to conceal damaging audit info has engulfed the homeland. $25m Stimulus Package in a fiasco. Citizens starving from extreme hunger. The biggest Passport racket ever in the history of the country has happened thus endangering regional and international security.
The current worldview on Liberia is despicable and condescending, to say the least. Donors funds siphoned. Rising human rights violations. Electoral malfeasance at play. Lawlessness, violence, thuggery and misrule are on the rise. On top of all of these national anomalies, George Weah is joyfully dancing ‘zombie dance’ in the full glare of a hungry, angry, and weary citizenry, to provoke the struggling Liberian masses. How cruelly insensitive can a President be? Zero sense of human.
Trouble looms over Liberia. And may I say more? Is the world watching the development unfolding in Liberia?

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