Another 12 Years Of Political Famine?

With Musa Bility’s inner propelled political motive squarely being exposed as a worthless conspiracy to wreck the kudos of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and break its back to appease Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings as the flagbearer; paradoxically is equated to setting the stage for Weah’s second term on a free ride.

The conspiracy motive to shun the Unity Party Standard Bearer. Dr. Joseph N. Boakai’s irresistible chance of not only heading the CPP, but with all indications of him readily equipped with the experience, upon being tested the hard and bitter way politically, and coming out with a clean sheet; exposed internally and externally  with praiseworthy contacts, multiplied by the overwhelming ground swell of popularity to redundant incumbent Weah; Bility’s conspiracy is solely loaded to fertilize Weah’s second term which will  consistently prolong Liberia and Liberians’ years of political famine, economic paralysis, complete decadence in all spheres of social services and a total wasted 12 years of national despair and distress.

On the other hand, the variables craved for by ANC Political leader Cummings in determining who will be the most preferred candidate to head the CPP and render Weah the one-way non-refundable ticket for a shattering blow at the 2023 poll is no issue of being a magician or a secret society; and while the convention’s  aim is confirming  the winning candidate; the VP rests exclusively with the electorates; and knowing that  former VP Boakai is the man of the people, deeply  wanted; Bility’s conspiracy warfare to erase the most unmatched-man and candidate of the time; is bound to end in a throw-away self-disastrous question mark worthy  of scorn and betrayal, and total anti-cohesiveness, unity and disrespect for the desire of a badly politically disappointed people.

The people are sick and tired of political experiment; being identified through the lenses of abject poverty, custodians of hardship and too very very far away from being at least underachievers, beggars and mere onlookers of their own economy.

They are saying hell no to cronyism, kleptocratic conduct; all those opposed to accountability and transparency; they want the next six years to be the rebirth of fruitfully shared national growth and development for all and not for an elite of partisans’ flavor. No longer the era of a dismally failed state commandeered by incompetent governors and abusers of the Constitution and other laws coupled with greed-driven-self-seeking-hustlers and killers of the tenets of good governance and the uniquely well cherished values of democracy.

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