Anarchy Dangerously Sucking Liberia Downward, Unless…

Crime does not pay, and while the wages of crime is disallowed before The Most High, indeed and so true that evil knows where crime sleeps. Therefore, who knows what evil lures in the hearts of men… again, no need to panic because the Father of creation knows it all.


Rigging Elections

        The rigging of elections is a dreadful evil that gives birth to a debacle that nefariously transformed itself into some uncontrollable vendetta, campaign dubbed crusade is a glaring form and fashion of cutting corner politically; a nasty and filthy engine of shortcut loaded with all nutrients of diabolical dimensions of chicanery and treacherous maneuvers at the expense of free, fair and transparent outfit. What does the end result most often blech? Obviously, disgruntlement that later looks up to the midwife styled anarchy that controllable trade innocent blood, sweat and tears. That what rigging of elections mot after result into of which this limping democracy of ours has gruesomely taken its toll for 14 years, and has no expectation of passing that way anymore,, despite all efforts being exerted on the part of evil investors,  traders and rig-agents.    

Momentarily, while anarchy is dangerously sucking Liberia downward, unless some open0minded characters enrich with the truest sense of belonging coupled with the unshakeable courage and determination to apply the national brake an allow the country to begin to cruise on the super highway of freedom and un-suffocated democracy designed with vicious lacerations from the slaughter house of the butchers of honesty and credibility, and the manner in which things are unfolding as all eyes are glided to 2023 presidential and general elections, don’t be fooled into thinking that all are willing to play  sincerely without shifting the goal polls clandestinely and devising mean and wicked ways and means as strategy to completely  and politically eliminate formidable and well- respected and appreciated characters to take on the helm of state power on a fairly conducted process and most importantly very unfavorable, just to be declared victorious against the set rule of the game, and when symptoms of such grim political merchants begin to be vivid all around the place, then there is all reason to know that it is troubling. Dom you know why it is troubling> Simple, because we’ve passed that way painfully an pathetically before,

It is a very troubling and a discouraging situation considering the recent past history of our Country. The fratricidal civil conflict that commenced on December 24, 1989 claimed the lives of more than two hundred thousand Liberians. It was a conflict deeply rooted in the rigged Presidential and Legislative Elections of October 1985.


                Can’t Be Both Judge And Jury

According to former Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Mr. James M. Fromayan, now the Director General of the Center For Development And Election Management (CEDEM), in his latest news conference in the wake of  a heavily  charged of mistrust in the  administration of the current Chairperson of NEC, Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansannah  should take due note and be cognizant of Section 6.1 of the 1986 Elections Law mandates that complaints arising from the conduct of elections conducted by the Elections Commission, be filed with the Commission. This mandate places the Commission in the position of judge and jury.


Temporary Election Court

Additionally, it distracts the Commission from its key functions of conducting and declaring the result of elections in a timely manner. To avoid a repeat of this situation in 2023, there is an urgent need to establish a temporary election court to primarily focus on the adjudication of election complaints to enable the Elections Commission to focus on the execution of its key mandates and thus enhance its credibility.


Expand Chemistry of Representatives

That a five (5) member counter-part Commissioners comprising representatives of the United Nations, the African Union (AU), and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) be urgently organized by the International Community to validate all actions of the current National Elections Commission (NEC) to ensure that the planning and conduct of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections are executed in accordance with international best practice. This would ensure the consolidation of our democratic experiment and the protection of the collective interest;

No Photocopy Document

CEDEM Director General Fromayan pointed out that documents presented to the NEC must be original and not photocopy; something, or a procedure recklessly shunned by the current Chairperson by receiving an overly flawed photocopy of the controversial Collaborating Political Parties’ (CPP) Framework Document which has landed the entire impending 2023 scenario into a massive hullabaloo thereby appearing as though  someone had dropped a nuclear bomb on the CPP’s Framework Document.

CPP’s Framework

Also, this medium was told by a well-placed and informed source that the CPP’s original Framework Document does not contain any Article 8.5 with the controversial clause rather what the original CPP’s Framework contains is Article 8.4 which only speaks of due payment and not being allowed to participate or feed any candidate in an impending  election

-Writes GDJ.

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