An Open Letter to: Rev. Dr. Abba G. Karngar, (Father of Senator, Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence) Message: Kindly ask his daughter, Sen. Karngar, for Musa Bility to resign and solve his “corruption cases”

February 17, 2021
Rev. Dr. Abba G. Karngar
Eminent Citizen
Grand Bassa County, Liberia

Dear Rev. Dr. Abba G. Karngar:
I extend my sincere gratitude to you for serving the Liberian people over the years.

Sir, we organized the Friends of Brumskine so that we can help our country governance system to be viable and have the characteristics of sustainable development virtues respecting the rule of law, good governance and integrity. As the result of respecting the rule of law, we organized the Liberty Party. The Liberty Party is the most credible and respectful entity on the basis of rule of law in the country. We identified Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine as our political leader because he respected the rule of law and good governance.

Rev. we have dealt with corruption in the Liberty Party and ensured that past chairman always respect the issue of integrity. Please permit me to give some scenarios. When Mr. Israel Akinsanya had a corruption case with the Lone Star/MTN Company, the Liberty Party ensured he resigned. The similar situation occurred when we told Mr. Ben Sanvee to resign after he had a corruption case with the Ministry of Finance Development Planning loan scheme. Mr. Ben Sanvee resigned.

Sir, interestingly, your daughter: Hon. Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence is the political leader of the Liberty Party. However, your daughter, is refusing to take a decision for the Chairman, Mr. Musa Bility to resign, based on his corruption scandal with the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and his tax evasion with the Government of Liberia. He has been banned by FIFA for ten years not to participate in any FIFA programs. We see his chairmanship in the Liberty Party and the greater Liberian Society as a problem to institutionalize good governance and sustainable development in Liberia.

Sir, the Friends of Brumskine and the founding members of Liberty Party has informed the Political Leader, Hon. Nyonblee Karngar that Hon. Clarice Jah, Former Senior Senator of Margibi County will serve as Acting Chairman until Mr. Musa Bility can resolve his corruption cases with FIFA and the Government of Liberia. Hon. Clarice Jah is a reputable Liberian, Former Senior Senator, Margibi County, she holds Master Degree in International Relations, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB), University of Liberia, studied Business Administration/Management, Cuttington University, studied Political Science at the University of Liberia etc. She has an organized family and an Instructor at the Christ the King Catholic Secondary School.

Rev. Karngar, God doesn’t support corruption because he is the Almighty that believes in social justice and equality of all men. During the tenure of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Government did a retrospective research referred to as the VISION 2030 of which the tax payers of Liberia and the International Community spend their monies to understand where did Liberia come from and where are we headed? Fortunately, I served as the Researcher/Head of the “Society Group” for the Vision 2030. A significant finding of the study was “corruption”. It shows that it has created problem for sustainable development in the governance system of our country and it has led the country to many years of civil war. The study concluded that Liberia should be a “Developmental State”. In so doing, corruption and other bad governance practices must not be part of the governance system.

Dr. Karngar, I am kindly asking you to please inform your daughter: Hon. Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence to request Mr. Musa Bility to resign as Chairman of the Liberty Party until he resolves his corruption cases. Hon. Clarice Jah should serve as Acting Chairman for Liberty Party. This letter has no characteristics of ethnicity. Ethnicity breeds conflict. Corruption continues to serve as the core to destroy our country and some parts of the world.
God Bless Liberia!
Romeo D.N. Gbartea
Coordinator, FOB Strategy


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