An Open Appeal From Soko Dorley to J. Alex Tyler

An open appeal to Hon. Alex Jeneka Tyler.
Dear Hon. Alex Jeneka Tyler:
After the unbiased ruling of the National Election Commission (NEC) through its Board Of Commissioners(BOC), the gracious and peace-loving people of Bomi and I would like to respectfully admonish and plead with your conscience to consider and realize that,  it is just about time for all sons and daughters of Bomi to accept the fate, forge ahead,  and make genuine endeavor towards reconciling our dear county.
As a son and leader who also participated in the just-ended senatorial election of Bomi and graciously accepted the results, I like to publicly appeal to you, brother Tyler, to abandon any intention of seeking redress at the  Supreme Court. Doing so will only procrastinate the advancement of the county and waste needed resources that should be applied to the essential needs in Bomi. It is time for Bomi to be effectively and efficiently represented at the Senate which will require deploying collective support behind Senator-elect Eldwin Melvin Snowe. With the spirit of collectivism and genuine oneness, Bomi, our dear county can accentuate to noble heights.
Hon. Tyler, the huge resources that would be used in pursuing such a matter to the Supreme could rather be used to assist the struggling Bomi children to enroll in schools and also assist in providing village loans to mothers, which could be applied to farming and other small business initiatives. Our health sector is in dire need of all levels of support which thus compels each of us, stakeholders, to lend our unyielding support. Henceforth, rather than paying a huge sum of money to lawyers to challenge the election results,  I would like to encourage you to stand down and consider investing the resources into our striving county, Bomi.
Bomi must at all times take preeminence in all that we do—meaning Bomi first. The progress of Bomi cannot be stalled or stagnated because of personal interest or ego.
It is time we rally around  Hon. Edwin Melvin Snowe Jr. and every leader of the country with the singular aim of advancing our county to prosperity— by addressing the streams of structural imbalances plaguing the county and our loving people. The people of Bomi are enduring devastating economic challenges that require the collective attention of all its leaders void of the political divide.
The people of Bomi have spoken loudly and decisively as to who they desire to serve them in the Senate at this point, may we respect their desire and right. And if you, brother Tyler, truly loves and respects the Bomi people,  you will see a reason to abandon any further pursuit of this case and focus on the forward march of the county, something a true patriot must do.
Democracy is the will of the people and so may the will of the people be done! It must be noted herein that the pulling and hauling of this matter will only deny Bomi her quintessential representation in the Senate, and to deny Bomi her exigent representation is counterproductive, to say the least.
Reconciliation should start to manifest in our everyday actions and words. In unity, we can make Bomi a place where love and kindness will be the hallmark of everything we do. Again,  our people deserve their peace and respect, may all accept the results, and jointly embark on the collective duty of lifting Bomi to new heights. BOMI FIRST!
“Together we build”
Bomi deserves better.
I thank you!

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