Amid the capitulation of the UP, what is to be done?

By Moses Uneh Yahmia <

We are not taken aback by the UP’s abject willingness to cozy up to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a lady who has no remorse for the harms, pains, and the many devastations she caused the Liberian people. The UP is not a revolutionary party. It is a neocolonial party which does not believe in the potency of the people to make history. Forget about all of the political posturing; the liberal opposition and the bankrupt ruling party are two sides of the same coin.

They do not oppose the neocolonial capitalist organization of the state. Their point of departure is who is more competent and capable of managing the affairs of the neocolonial state. And as you may be aware, neocolonial politics does not transform an African society. It ties economic and political governance to the interests of foreign monopoly capital and a clique of local elites. This clique does the bidding of its foreign patrons while it enjoys the crumbs from the fruits of plunder churned out to it by its masters. The net effect has always been the accumulation and transfer of billions in profits by the foreign corporations to the capitalist core while ensuring that political power, wealth and social status are preserved for the domestic elites, but perennial damnation for the mass of people.

The more things change within the neocolonial framework, the more things remain the same. Not even the change of faces of presidents, members of parliament, etc. can alter the trajectory. Thus, the neocolonial party has no faith in the cause of the African people to create a new society, a new man, a new consciousness and a new culture. To feather its nest, it relies on deception, lies, wheeling and dealing to woo the unsuspecting masses of workers, peasants, and urban poor. To understand this is to have a grasp of why the UP is shamefully, disgracefully, and embarrassingly genuflecting before a woman who rigged the 2017 election and orchestrated the coming to power of the most incompetent, undisciplined and intellectually unsophisticated candidate.

The UP has no tool of analysis to see that there has been a seismic shift in the political dynamics since Ellen stole the democratic verdict of the people. The unending economic crisis, massive looting, a clampdown on free speech and the free press, a surge in extrajudicial killings, increase in sexual and gender-based violence, a wave of state repression, etc. have exposed the nakedness of the CDC to the glare of the public. The corrupt elements of Ellen’s cabal who were indicted by the regime have been let off the hook while Ellen’s investments in the forestry, real estate, mining, maritime, banking, and import sectors are intact and left untouched. Thus crowning the unholy political marriage between the Ellen’s cabal of looters and the social scums in the CDC.

The masses have seen through this farce. They have seen through the scheme which blurred the 2017 reality. Thus, there is a wind of change sweeping across the country. The masses are angry and at the same time hungry for an alternative. The massive mobilization of the people in 2019 culminated in the election of Mr. Dillon in Montserrado County and the victory of Telia Urey in District 15, Montserrado  County, a victory that was stolen by the ruling party. These are all testaments of the people’s determination to rectify the historical anomaly. Thus, the stakes are high for a future electoral victory of a popular front. So why do you need an Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and not the people to reverse the tragedy she helped to create?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a devoted CDCian. What she did not do for you in 2017, I doubt she would do for you in 2020 and 2023. Not when Ellen is hand in glove with Weah and the latter has given the former a carte blanche to enjoy the privileges of her de facto third term. Ellen, like every petite bourgeois opportunist, would shift pendulum only if she sees a mass mobilization of the Liberian masses and a near people’s victory against the ruling CDC.

The CDC has lost the support base it had with a layer of the masses in the slum areas of Montserrado Country. It can win no free and fair democratic election as the political permutation has revealed. And Mr. Weah and his henchmen have pillaged the country so patently that they cannot afford to lose their grips on power as they are aware they would be investigated, prosecuted, and convicted by a judicial commission of inquiry when they abdicate power. Thus, to keep their grips on power and maintain their wealth and social status, they would block every legal road to an opposition victory. It is against this backdrop that the 2020 and 2023 elections would be rigged and the forces of repression unleashed to crush any resistance against the fraudulent election results. It is also possible that Ellen would join Weah and his handlers to stymie an opposition victory and purge the attendant resistance. She has more to gain than to lose from the Weah’s tragedy. Thus, she would prefer to be with the devil she knows than an angel she has never seen before.

This is reactionary politics. And the antidote for reactionary politics is revolutionary politics which regards the people as subjects of history and masters of their destiny. What we need is not the Unity Party which is selling itself cheaply to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf but a well-organized revolutionary party rich in theory and the tactics and strategies to assemble the necessary human material to mobilize the masses from below and fight for an alternative society built on a completely different economic and political foundation. Comrades, we are thus admonished to devote ourselves to such brand of politics which does not foster the waste of resources or divert a large part of the social/economic surplus abroad while the paltry sum paid in taxes and royalties is plundered by a caravan of bureaucratic parasites.

Revolutionary politics has its roots in popular democracy. It involves the people in every aspect of the economic and political life of society. It builds a party committed to genuine transformation. It builds mass based institutions and structures that serve as the fulcrum for the revolutionary transformation of the neocolonial capitalist state to a society that rolls out agrarian reform, nationalization of the mines, financial sector and other commanding heights of the economy under democratic ownership and control of the workers, peasants and urban poor. This begins the journey with the masses to build a new society out of the ruins of the decayed order. These revolutionary endeavors rely on neither scheme nor deceit. It is anti-imperialist, anti-patriarchal, and anti-capitalist. It takes as its point of departure the mobilization of the masses and the reliance on their human agency to build a just order. This is the surest way to inspire the exploited classes to fight for democratic gains and resist the repression of those who have lost the legitimacy to rule but have power and total control over the use of force!

This is our task; this is our commitment!

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