Amb. Boakai Says He Will Be A Presidential Candidate In The 2023 Elections Despite Looming Scheme To Bar Unity Party


Monrovia, March 26, 2022: – Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), told a huge gathering of the UP’s National Youth Congress and other distinguished UP’s Partisans and supporters that he will not be stopped from being a Presidential Candidate in the upcoming 2023 Presidential and General Elections in Liberia.

Speaking on Saturday at the UP National Headquarters in Monrovia during the Launching of the Fund-Drive Rally and Digital Membership Database System

of the Unity Party National Youth Congress (UPNYC), Amb. Boakai noted that the trending news that Mr. Bility and Senator Daniel Naathan of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) have written the National Elections Commission (NEC) to inquire about the possibility of banning UP from contesting the Lofa County Senatorial seat vacated by Senator-Elect Brownie Samukai and, by inference, the 2023 Presidential and General Elections, and said, nothing will not deter the Unity Party from participating in those elections.

Amb. Boakai, who served as Chief Launcher during the UP’s youth program, unequivocally stressed that “…as I have stated before, let me reassure not just UP Partisans but also my supporters all over Liberia and in the Diaspora, that I, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, will contest in the 2023 Presidential Elections in Liberia.”

The popularly known UP Standard Bearer then sent an even more strongly-worded caveat to his distractors.  He said emphatically, “Let the word go forth that the Unity Party and the People of Lofa have had enough and will not continue to be insulted, disrespected and disenfranchised by the CDC government of President Weah.”

The launching program, organized by UP National Youth Congress, included the Two Hundred Liberian Dollars fund-drive and the Digital Membership Database system, designed to capture vital statistics that will afford UP leadership the opportunity to craft programs for youth development that will be realistic and sustainable.

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