Africa: When will the Inferiority Complex and Dependency Syndrome Stop?

By Robert Moncio Kpadeh (Sage)

Dear Africa, do we need the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to tell us to grow food and work diligently at ending hunger on our continent amid arable soil, evergreen forests and loads of rainfall?

Do we need the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to tell us or regulate how we govern our economies and how we spend or invest our resources? Do we need them to tell us about the economic dividends our countries poised to benefit if we invest our money into capital development like roads, ports, bridges, telecommunication, aerodromes and seaports?

Do we need the World Health Organization (WHO) to tell us the significance of building and equipping hospitals and the training of specialised medical doctors to provide quality health care services to our people?

Do we need the Global West (America and Europe) and their institutions to lecture us about democracy, good governance, rule of law and the attending tenants thereof?

Do we need UNESCO to tell us about the importance of education and the exigent need to invest in building schools, higher and quality education, updated curriculums, research centres with emphasis on science and technology?

Do we need Transparency International, Global Witness and their likes to tell us the danger of public corruption and how to prevent it? Do we not know that corruption spur extreme poverty and starving hunger on nations, as we see obtaining on our continent?

Do we need the United Nations to tell us about the relevance of peace, tranquillity, stability and the need to treat our people with dignity, equality and decency?

Do we need institutions and individuals from other continents to tell or blast our leaders to stop stealing our resources in the name of amassing wealth and subjecting the mass of our people to abject poverty and perennial misery?

Do we need strangers to tell us that our continent has huge potential to leapfrog ahead of the world if only we emphasise and insist on good governance and probity as the trajectory?

Oh, Africa! When will African leaders find some shame to end this perennial inferiority complex and the decadent ages of dependency syndrome? This hilarious nonsense has got to stop. When will the African people ever experience socioeconomic dignity on their lives amid the abundance of natural resources stuck in the belly of the African continent? Africa is blessed with so much to be wretchedly poor, begging and looking to others to decide how it conducts its affairs and what food its people eat and clothes they wear. When will this spell of degradation and circus of savagism end on the African continent?

We are sick and tired of this marauding nightmare inflicted upon the continent by mainly its very leaders who are essentially concerned about their vested parochial interest over the national interest and the socio-economic welfare of their people! African leaders have to stop being inferior, visionless, stupid, irresponsible, greedy and fundamentally lazy and begin to lead effectively, efficiently, brilliantly and transparently. Africa is merely what it is because of bad governance, nothing more, nothing less. Disgraceful. Disgusting. Disconcerting. Demeaning. Inconceivable.

Africa needs noble, patriotic, selfless, savvy and progressive leaders, not the byproducts that continue to evolve out of crooked and deadly politics of politricks. Perhaps, it is time for African Revolutionaries to crusade to the front and take onto the mantle of national leadership in their respective countries, by all means, possible, for it is an irrefutable fact that politicians have markedly failed the continent and the current impoverished, appalling and disdainful state of Africa is vivid evidence of their (politicians) colossal failures. However, we acknowledge the strides made by a few African leaders who are bringing a bit of pride and dignity to their nations and admonish their counterparts to follow their good examples.

We choose Revolution, not politics! Africa can only rise with revolutionaries at the helm.

Uhuru Na Kazi!

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