Above All Else, We Are Human First

Poem Authored by Cde. Robert Moncio Kpadeh (Sage)

No matter the political power we possess, the big positions we occupy, the influence we wield, we are human first;

No matter the wealth we have acquired, the fame we have earned, the powerful connections we have amassed and relishing, we are human first;

No matter the supremacy and distinctiveness of our credentials and the prestigious schools from which we proudly acquired them, and no matter how erudite we are and the depth of knowledge we carry in our heads, we are human first;

No matter our political leanings, extreme differences, ideological inclines, religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, social persuasions, and connections, we are human first;

Whether old or young, man or woman, educated or illiterate, able or disable, black or white, have or have-not, majority or minority, strong or weak, we are human first;

We are human first, we have the right to live and be treated with love and dignity, and the right to justice and free expression;

We are human first, we deserve a chance to every aspect of life: the right to participate in politics, government, do business, be educated, get jobs, and to equally share in the opportunities and possibilities society can provide, as well as share in the collective duty to advance our nation to nobler heights;

We are human first, we must be given the chance and opportunity to fully pursue life goals, unleash our talents, fairly complete, and unlock our full potential;

We are human first, no matter what, we should never be subjected to exclusion, malice, hatred, dehumanization, deprivation, impoverishment, and despair merely on account of fundamental or parochial differences;

We are human first, our existence trumps all other things, hence our general livelihood must be prioritized with exigency and a strong sense of humanity;

No matter what, we are human first, the supreme of all mortal beings, we must be treated with humanity, dignity, equality, love, and compassion, as civilization and decency demand, for we are human beings made equally in the image of God Almighty;

Above All Else, We Are Human First!

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