Above All Else, We Are Human First Revised …A poem

  A  Poem

No matter the political power we possess, the powerful positions we occupy, the influence we wield, the fame we have, the wealth we relish, WE ARE HUMAN FIRST;

No matter the supremacy of our academic credentials and the prestigious schools from which we proudly acquired them, and no matter how erudite we are and the depth of knowledge we carry in our heads, WE ARE HUMAN FIRST;

No matter our political leanings, extreme differences, ideological inclines, religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, social persuasions, and statuses, WE ARE HUMAN FIRST,

Whether old or young, man or woman, boy or girl, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, able or disable, beautiful or ugly, black or white, have or have-not, majority or minority, Christian or Muslim, strong or weak, WE ARE HUMAN FIRST;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, we have the right to live and be treated with love, humanity, and dignity, given equal opportunities and justice, and the organic right to live in liberty unhindered;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, we deserve the fair  chance to pursue life’s goals as we so desire, unleash our God-given talents, unlock our full potential, and complete for our space and feat;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, we reserve the right to participate in politics,  have a job within our government based on merit, do business, be educated, get jobs, and equally share in the opportunities and possibilities our country provides, as well as share in the collective duty to advance our nation to nobler heights;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST,  our decisions, actions, and inactions when we are in authority be it in government or the private sector must always be characterized by respect, humility, and dignity, to the honor of humanity;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, our lives are as precious as our fellow humans, we shall all live and die, inevitably transition from mortality to immortality—from dust to dust, therefore, may we treat and value our fellow humans as we treat and value ourselves;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, no matter what, we should never be subjected to exclusion, malice, hatred, bigotry, dehumanization, deprivation, impoverishment, and despair merely on account of fundamental, political, social, and parochial differences;

WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, our existence trumps everything else, hence our general livelihood must be prioritized at all times with a strong sense of humanity, sensitivity, and compassion;

No matter what, WE ARE HUMAN FIRST, the supreme of all living beings, we must be treated as civilization and decency appropriately demand, for we are human beings made equally, beautifully, incredibly, magnificently, phenomenally, and surreally in the powerful and amazing Image of God the Almighty, God the Creator of the pristine Universe, and God who ruleth over the Hallowed Heavens;


Authored by Comrade Robert Moncio Kpadeh (Sage)

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