A Tribute To Papa TBJ On The Dawn Of His Natality In The Hallowed Heavens



Today, June 12th, 2021 is your 58th natal day, Papa TBJ. So, I shout aloud to the mountaintop where you are peacefully resting with our CREATOR, Joyous posthumous natal day tidings on to you, God’s General Prophet TBJ.


Papa TBJ, how we wish you were here with us today, to sing, pray, fellowship, and celebrate together on this surreal day of faith, but you have run your race and finished your course quite effectively and efficiently. Though our hearts are broken, our bone marrows littered with burning pains, and we are wailing and reeling from your shocking demise, however, we realize as Children of Zion that faith had it that you would transition from mortality to immortality on 5th July 2021. May God be praised in all things.


No doubt, your heartbreaking death stunned the world and left all your fans rattled and ruffled. Truth be told, we shall remain shattered for a long haul, for you meant so much to God’s children in this troubled world.  Who is spiritually fit enough to fill these big shoes you have left behind in the face of earthly persecution? Who will crusade your powerful legacy across nations of the world? Who will dedicate his/her life to the poorest, neediest, oppressed, and people perplexed by difficult conditions around the world? Who will teach, mentor, and inspire us? Who will heal the sick as you did? Who shoulders will we stand on to fearlessly sojourn in the vineyard of the Almighty God? Well, in every state of devastation, pain, confusion, and misery, you have taught us to say; “To God be the Glory”.


Revolutionary Prophet. A great man of God. A man of humanity, nobility, and dignity. Father of all nations. Leader of immaculate inclination. A true God’s General.  A worthy exemplar of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And a lovely, affable, compassionate, gentle, magnanimous, and adorned-hearted Leader, please take you well-deserved BOW in the Bosom of the Lord.


Thank you for perfectly executing your CALLING to God’s Business, to the delight of the Lord and the world at large. Your remarkable and riveting memories will dwell in our hearts forever. Generations after us shall come and read through the golden pages of history that would narrate the intriguing and enthralling story about a GREAT PROPHET of God name T. B. Joshua and how he blazed the trail and rocked the world in no small way.


For all the wonderful things you have done for humanity and for truly epitomizing the Gospel to the finishing line, I shall call you SAINT T.B. Joshua. Like Saint Theresa of the Catholic Church, you deserved to be crowned and hallowed as a SAINT and so it shall be.


Chapeau (Well done) SAINT TBJ. Rest in Glory and Power. Salute!


-Writes Robert W. Moncio Kpadeh

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