A Tooth For Tooth Debacle-A Raging ‘Cold War’ Scourge That Must Be Red Carded

With so many unnecessary bad reflections coupled with tons of sharply pointed allegations of ruthless disregard for constituted norms, selectivism, cronyism, favouritism and poor leadership style of governance just to name a few are all overly loaded in his plate which should pierce his innermost attention to undo or offload same with a positive image in the true spirit of oneness. That is why it is very important to note that when the task is difficult and takes a long time, it pays to begin early with a sober mind, and being a student of mental discipline, you’ll always find a reputable soft and safe landing spot all will welcome for being a rational character and leadership provider.

The raging row between President George M. Weah and District number 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, and now featuring District number Eight Representative Acarus M. Gray is becoming a raging cold war scourge that must be red-carded as it is being pointed in the direction of soon to be a tooth for tooth debacle that no one needs around here.

President Weah in some of his pronouncements, mainly in the case of a leaked recording implicating the chairman of Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah  Morlu saying some terrifying things against his first partisan, the President, in the wake of the ill-expression calmed down the tempo as least expected although partially by pointing finger at those he termed as unfocused bandits while he maintained that his focus is to ensure sound leadership that will be reflective in the governance system of which everyone under his constitutional mandate as Chief Executive will acclaim.

However, the District number 10 lawmaker presenting himself as a firebrand and a thorn in the side of the government in general and President Weah, in particular, emulating from moves and policies by the administration most of whom are complete bitter pills to swallow, have not equally so found a bed of roses from the President’s end. Why it is not healthy to be recklessly rude, also it is indecent to insult one’s mother, thereby it is also fair enough to clearly note without a doubt that while it is true that the mind is the standard of the man, one thing that stands unwaveringly:  injustice one place is a threat to justice everywhere.

The latest fracas between the Deputy Police for Operations Melvin Sackor and Lawmaker Kolubah concerning his official vehicle being arrested for driving in the wrong lane when in fact he (Rep.) was not heading to work, of which action he claims to be sanctioned by the President since they are at loggerheads or on real bad term; which also molested the attention of Representative Gray, a staunch CDCian wherein he took issue with District number 10 lawmaker and vowed to unleash citizens’ arrest whenever he comes in District Eight with such manner against the President, are potentially boiling bad-blood that must be halted before it spills over uncontrollably. Don’t forget, never twist an alligator’s tail and expect lizard to laugh over it.

The President must busy himself with fixing all the wrongs that have beclouded his administration negatively; he must find some strength, additional wisdom from Solomon to enable his turn things around positively for all to see, right the wrongs, redefine the disbursement of his power and authority thereby making it more and much more people-centred than getting drown in petit rigmarole with people and things of different challenges. The President must be told in a clear term that despite the row between him and the District number 10 Lawmaker, he has got a lot to do to redeem his leadership from the quagmire as he knows fairly well that things are mean, rough and tough everywhere around as poverty in the land of so much endowment of natural and mineral resources coupled with fertile soil and at 173 years; is still rated very poor among nations while carving for open-hearted leadership which seems to be a faraway dream.

President Weah should always be mindful that leadership is about legacy imbued with genuine service to the people and state, and not the acquisition of wealth saddled with unfriendly, loud, massive and aggressive noise.

-Writes GDJ

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