A Poetic Epistle To Liberia—On The Dawn Of Its “Bicentennial” Oh, Liberia My Dear Homeland

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, the beauty of your landscape is remarkably and phenomenally breathtaking and no doubt marvels and bedazzles the eyes of the world, yet you are severely underdeveloped, and extreme poverty ruthlessly plagues your people.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, in your gorgeous belly lies an abundance of natural resources endowed upon you by God the Almighty—how magnanimous God has been to you, and may He be praised.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, you are Africa’s oldest Republic spanning two hundred years of existence without a defined civilization and saddled with historical contradictions and inadequacies.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland from since your historic founding, you have been afflicted by misrule and your existence marred by chains of dreadful and ludicrous civil wars and strifes, to which hundreds of thousands of your innocent children lost their precious lives and millions of dollars worth of national infrastructure and private properties destroyed…defacing your country to tatters and squalors.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, over your 200 years of striving existence, you have been abused and misused by your sons and daughters who rule over you, which begs the question, when will they recollect their lost senses of patriotism and moral conscience?

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, the decadence, debauchery, turpitude, morass, and scorching despair you have been subjected to over these two centuries cannot be quantified by any quantum—suffice to say the socio-economic state of the homeland is appallingly indescribable.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, our hearts bleed for you, and most times we are ashamed of the place we call home. Perennial public corruption, extreme poverty, impunity, sycophancy, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, partisanship, bigotry, hatred, witch hunt, malice, division, exclusion, barbarity, tribalism, regionalism, infamy, trauma, and degeneracy are the woeful characteristics that perfectly yet sadly illustrate you. In effect, a land psychologically, cognitively, and morally accursed.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland rather than love, your children ruling over you despise you. And more often than not, they lie and deceive you and your weary people. When they desperately long and seek for political power, they profess to love, sympathize, and empathize with you and would slam the excesses and abnormalities besetting the homeland, but the moment they assume state power they automatically become marauding monsters and menace ruling over the land. They would misrule the country, callously loot its resources, amass an inordinate amount of wealth, swim in excessive opulance, and submerge the masses of the people into the doldrums of poverty, hunger, disdain, indignity, tragedy, and misery.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland after extracting and generating billions of dollars from your vast pool of natural resources over a century and counting your educational system is not only substandard but a national disgrace. Your healthcare system is not only undesirable but an existential disaster with curable diseases like malaria and diarrheal still claiming the lives of your children. Infant mortality remains a dire challenge for the health care system. We could even say the health system of the country is perilous.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland on the dawn of your “Bicentennial”, where are your superhighways, bridges, airports, seaports, electric grid, pipe born water supply, modern infrastructure et others, as we see in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’ Voire, and the rest of your sister countries?

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, on the dawn of your much talked about “Bicentennial” what have you to show to the world? Where is your signature product to the world? What do you manufacture? What does the world know you for and what distinguishes you in the comity of nations? What is your faith? What is the socio-economic fate of your people especially the young people?

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, at 200 years of existence your children would still have you begging for aid and loan to survive amid vast natural resources. They would still be begging India for wretched old buses to use for public transport. They would still be bootlicking China for alms. They would still be hoping for grants from the European Union and USAID to fund development projects and to clean the Capital, Monrovia. What a shame and a sham! A country of visionless, fundamentally lazy, naive, inferior, greedy, roguish, obnoxious, insensitive, and dishonorable rulers we have become.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, I can feel your grieve and pains. I can see you wailing with rivers of tears pouring down your beautiful cheeks. I can see you yearning and grinding for genuine change. I hear your bold whispers for a new breed of leaders that will treat you and your people with love, respect, and dignity. I can hear your piercing screams for a new paradigm that would navigate the homeland on an irreversible path of socio-economic transformation and burgeoning egalitarianism. Leaders who will convert your natural resources into socio-economic prosperity for your people and develop your grandiose, imposing, and intriguing landscape with modern infrastructure. I see you desperately yearning and grinding for Revolutionary leaders who are selfless, loving, caring, gracious, compassionate, progressive, noble in deeds, and more importantly, patriot.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, I can see in your eyes the burning craving for good governance, transparency, accountability, stability, justice, equality, unity, peace, and joy to flourish in your bosom.

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, as I pen these lines on the sunrise of your Bicentennial, my emotions are running above the rooftop. My heart is fast pounding. My nerves are cracking and my hands are frosty cold. Why must your children treat you so cruelly? How can we be so poor and undeveloped in a land of enormous wealth? How can malaria and other curable illnesses be decimating us in this modern age? How can we not have cheap, reliable, and adequate electricity and water with all that we have? Why the loving people in the Southeast part of our country are subjected to so much agony including horrible roads especially during the rainy season and no better healthcare centers to cater to the sick? I still wonder why after all these years, Lofa county, the “breadbasket”, doesn’t have a paved road?

Oh, Liberia, my dear homeland, your noble and patriotic children have asked me to tell you that change is on the horizon. The day is coming when you will be loved and not misruled and gang-looted. The day is coming when your people will not lack and grapple with hunger and be embattled by disparities and depravities. The day is coming when your land will blossom with peace and socio-economic transformation and prosperity and your people will glee in surplus. The day is coming when justice will reign in the land and national dignity will be the order of the day. The day is coming when good governance shall be the norm. Real Change is coming, Mama Liberia, my dear homeland.

We Love you Mama Liberia, our dear homeland.

By. Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh (Sage)


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