A Generation Of Disdain — A Sober and Poetic Reflection

By: Moncio Robert Wilmot Kpadeh

We are entrapped in and perhaps stuck with a generation of disdain, indignation, and consternation;

A generation that is sadly a pendulum of trauma and despair;

A generation where loyalty is merely spoken out of naked pretense but would never manifest in reality, in other words, money is the source of loyalty, nothing more, nothing less;

A generation where Love has lost its true meaning and the organic emotion that once flows through it is a thing of the past, and the famous heartwarming phrase “I Love you” is now more of political rhetoric than the true echoes of sweet romance;

A generation, where Lying is the new normal and permissible standard of life, and the thought of “truth-telling” is purely illusory. By the way, being fake is a lifestyle;

A generation where corruption is institutionalized in the governance of the state and public theft and graft coupled with other forms of malfeasance and aberrations are acceptable standards in officialdom and even in religious institutions where morality should reign;

A generation where the ‘standard of living’ takes preeminence over the ‘standard of life’ which means morality, probity, decency, and ethos doesn’t matter and no longer the factors of barometer for examining a decent and civilized society. In this generation, it is mostly about cutting or swindling your way up the ladder, defrauding the state and others to amass bloody wealth, and live in an opulent or garish lifestyle as we see today. It is about vicious hatred and subverting others because you cannot compete with them. It is about demonizing and demoralizing others in a callous bid to obtain pecuniary rewards from high places.

A generation where education is meaningless, as there is absolutely no consideration whatsoever for competence, qualification, and meritocracy. Instead, party membership, social, tribal, religious, and sexual affiliations are the surest ways of obtaining cabinet positions and other lucrative jobs within the state. Truly a zombie generation;

A generation where utter Violence is the recourse to grievances and transgressions rather than seeking redress through the Courts of law and other established legal channels. Even more appalling and disgusting is the tragic truth that the regime hierarchies handsomely reward ex-combatants and malcontent youth for unleashing hawkish violence against people who oppose the misrule of the ruthless kleptocracy, plutocracy, and neocracy;

A generation where the sense of Humanity, dignity, and compassion has been replaced by barbarity, depravity, indignity, and infamy. And discipline and intractability are the prime rules of engagement ends. What manner of dissonance! ;

A generation where partisanship exceeds nationalism and sycophancy transcends patriotism. My heart pains and my body trembles to see people of my generation idolize and accentuate a mortal man above the country to which we bear common nationality. What manner of people are we? Some call us a cursed generation, are we? ;

A generation where villains are proudly enthroned and celebrated as national heroes insofar their pockets are bloody greasy, while ennobling sons and daughters of the soil are disparaged and condemned to nothingness merely because they don’t have loose money to dole out;

A generation where grotesque reactionaries who have no historical trace(s) of vanguardism, militancy, progressivism, and social justice advocacy are deceitfully donning boots, berets, and other militancy regalia, not ideological and never read a line in the dialectics are audaciously masquerading as revolutionaries nowadays, and people of my generation embarrassingly celebrate them as revolutionaries;

A generation where well-educated people refer to an uneducated or functionally illiterate man as “my Leader and Teacher”. How comically sycophantic and silly can anyone be. Disgusting and disgraceful, to say the least. All in the name of savaging breadcrumbs to satisfy the naked cravings of the stomach. It is also a sheer abnormality for a Master’s degree holder to call an ignoramus his teacher. Hilarious nonsense! Least I forget, the majority of this very generation three years ago chanted loudly in the streets of Monrovia “he know book, he na know book, we will vote for him” and did just that, and the consequences of such foolish decisions have so far been dire. Such can best be described as a pure display of societal degeneracy;

A generation where the Church and the Mosque are no longer the moral compasses of society and can no longer muster the courage to rebuke the excesses of the ruling establishment because Bishops and Imams are either appointed officials of government or permanently seeking greener pastures in the bosom of the Presidency,

What a debauched, degenerate, and barren generation. What a failed and perilous generation. Indeed, a generation of disdain and one truly not worthy of emulation at all levels by successive generations. Indeed, ours is a lost generation that must be reclaimed by the sober and conscious patriots stay firmly standing;

It is because of these plaguing anomalies, we loudly and boldly argue and maintain that IT IS NOT UHURU YET!

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