4 Billion Newly Printed Liberian Banknotes Went Missing From CBL Vault?

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

The 4 billion newly printed Liberian banknotes that were intended to address the shortage of Liberian dollars on the market and to replace mutilated banknotes have gone missing from the vaults of the Central Bank according to reliably information reaching the Parrot Newspaper. Our source who works at the Central Bank now turns disgruntle Cdcean as a result of the government’s poor public administration of the state told the Parrot news that President’s Weah intent of printing the 4 billion was not to address the shortage of banknotes on the market, nor was it intended to replace mutilated banknotes.

Parrot has been reliably informed that President Weah ordered since May 24, 2020 Samuel Tweah to work out the modality with the Bank Governor to ensure that the 4 billion be transferred in a secret underground vault built in his Rehab compound. Our source further told us that immediately when the National Elections Commission declares campaign open in October of this year, huge portion of the money will be used to fund CDC’s campaign for both the senatorial elections and national referendum.



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