Statement of Thanks to Liberian Athletes at the Tokyo Olympic


August 3, 2021

Fellow citizens:

Over the last two weeks, I found some quality time to watch our incredible athletes fiercely and courageously competing in the Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo, Japan. The performances of these remarkable young and talented Liberian athletes have been dazzling, enthralling, and heartwarming.

Watching them raise the flag of Liberia high through such epic and breathtaking performances has brought me so much delight and honor. I could not have been prouder as a Liberian. For this singular and magnificent act of patriotism, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and most respect to all of them for effectively representing Liberia at the Olympics so far.

To all who made it possible for them to participate in this historic and enchanting Olympics, I say thank you from the depth of my heart, and may God bless you handsomely. You are collectively the true epitome of Liberian generosity and decency. This is the true meaning and spirit of my mantra: Think, Love, and Build Liberia.

The intriguing and colorful performances at the Olympics by these promising athletes tell how preparation, discipline, courage, passion, and determination can propel an athlete to the stratosphere, a teaching moment I admonish other young Liberian athletes at home to emulate in their sprouting quest to rise to stardom someday. Also to be participating in those games proudly donned in their Red, White, and Blue outfits, and demonstrating such commitment, energy, tenacity, and resilience in honor of their homeland, Liberia, certainly illustrates the exemplary gem of citizens they are and set them apart as true patriots of our homeland. May we celebrate them now and forever?

So, with much delight and gratitude, I say to our heroic athletes, Ebony Morrison, Joseph Fahnbulleh, and Emmanuel Matadi (all track & Field) a big thank you for standing tall for Liberia and making us a proud nation. In you, we find faith and courage that the Liberian narratives will change someday from tales of shame and misery to songs of blossoming glory—where the nation will once again daringly rise to become the beacon of hope for Africa. I send my prayers, love, and wish you the best of luck in your remaining games. In our history book, each of you has a lofty page.

God bless!

Received, thank you.

Well received, thanks.

Thank you I have received it.


By: Former Vice President Amb. Joseph Nyuma Boakai


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