Falling On The Sword -Time For Revolutionizing Worn-out Loyalty & Static Cultural Kudos A “Poetical” Tribute To Unity Party

Thursday, July 14, 2022 Delivering an all-out damning political failure to be a critical lesson to be thoroughly learned collectively to ensure, and make progressive headway unreflective of the shattering blow being dealt; picking up […]

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Liberia: An Inbuilt ‘Narco’ Country

Thursday, July 7, 2022 In the demented utopian society over-run by massive trade and unbelievable consumption of illicit and toxic substances dumped in the land, is now successfully fattening the nation for the slaughter in […]

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CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT AND ELECTION MANAGEMENT (CEDEM) Blue Plaza Building, Snapper Hill, Benson Street, Monrovia, Liberia 0770 480 737 | 0776 914 566

PRESS RELEASE “WHEN TRUTH AND FALSEHOOD COME TO LIGHT, THE TRUTH SHALL ALWAYS PREVAIL”   July 6, 2022 — Benjamin Franklin It is often said that “when peaceful change becomes impossible, violent change becomes inevitable. […]

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Sleeping On The Wheel -The Liberian Political Outfit

Mon, July 4, 2022 Dominating the political and cultural outfit of Liberia, grounded on a very ailing and insipid patronage; sinking foundation of sycophancy; tele-guided cohesiveness of segments controllable through pressure; compounded by vague maneuvers […]

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